Wizards of the Coast Exceeded $1 Billion in Revenue!

wizards-hasbro-stock-priceIn a crazy milestone, Wizards of the Coast Exceeded $1 Billion in Revenue in 2021, showing just how many people are into gaming!

This is quite crazy to think about! Obviously, we sometimes take a look at GW’s numbers, but this is something just so far off what we have seen before. Their parent company Hasbro revealed the numbers on a conference call on Monday and then a subsequent article with all the revenue.

The tabletop portion of WotC made up $950 million of the revenue, so almost just a billion on game sales alone. This is an insane increase of 42% revenue, so they weren’t even that close before.  Let’s take a closer look at the statement.

Wizards of the Coast Exceeded $1 Billion in Revenue in 2021

unfinity walLet’s first look at the statement then break it down some:

Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment revenue increased 42% and operating profit increased 30% for the full-year 2021. Tabletop and digital gaming revenues grew behind several record set releases for MAGIC: THE GATHERING and continued growth in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Wizards of the Coast exceeded $1 billion in revenues, successfully doubling its revenue two years ahead of target. Licensed digital gaming revenue also increased double digits for the year. Operating profit grew behind increased revenues which were partially offset by higher digital game depreciation, product development and advertising to support growth in MAGIC: THE GATHERING and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. In addition, the Company continues to invest in developing future digital gaming and development of new Wizards IP. Based on these investments for the future and the sequence of game releases, these costs had a more pronounced impact in the fourth quarter 2021. Operating profit margin was 42.5% and adjusted EBITDA grew 36% for the year.

Magic The Gathering MTGIt looks like with these profits we can expect more and more new stuff for both MTG and D&D. So if you like either of the games, it’s a good time to be playing!

They have so many things in the works and even a 40k crossover. They have been releasing a ton of stuff and we don’t expect to see this slowing anytime soon as obviously, gamers are flocking to their products. Hasbro overall is also insanely massive, here are some numbers on them overall:

At $2.1 billion and 19% year-over-year growth, Hasbro is one of the biggest and fastest-growing games publishers in the world.

It is pretty wild that the WotC makes up basically 50% of all their business, but the toy business is obviously booming!

Not All Good News/But Good Overall

magic the gathering jace Wizards of the Coast to GW: Hold my BeerThe only real issue is they have started to do more direct sales. With sets going directly to Amazon, crowdfunding their own projects, and selling directly through Hasbro Pulse. So why is this an issue? Well, local stores really built MTG into what it is today and with so many direct options, they are driving people away from the stores and more directly to the web.

“Our investments in digital and direct-to-consumer give us an amazing opportunity to learn from them in real-time via cutting-edge data analytics and to reinvent how we bring product to market and customize it for our most passionate fans.”

So it’s a bit of an issue as we always want local stores to be supported and they are moving away from that support and more to direct sales. While that part is an issue that they seem laser-focused on expanding, it is good overall to see the tabletop game industry growing so rapidly!

What do you think about the Wizards of the Coast Revenue announcement?

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