Over 20 New Models Coming in Necromunda Ash Wastes Boxset

The GW AdeptiCon preview was full of new minis with the new Necromunda Ash Wastes boxset- check out what’s coming for the game!

Another big online GW Preview for all things Warhammer is here! Catch all the latest reveals from  Warhammer TV  and Warhammer Community along with our commentary! Let’s start with what we’ve seen, then jump into the new stuff.

GW AdeptiCon Preview

AdeptiCon Preview 3

We’ve also got tonnes of hobby right here on Warhammer-Community.com – along with a look at some of the new rules from Arena of Shades and interviews with some of the designers of the new Aeldari kits, we’ll have full coverage of all of the big reveals from this year’s AdeptiCon. 

AdeptiCon Preview 2

What We’ve Seen so Far

The final entry in the LVO preview is Necromunda, and it explores the inhospitable region of the Ash Wastes. Nothing in the way of miniatures were revealed, but the video associated with this release is done in a comic book style, and according to the Preview Team, may have some hints about possible miniatures to come.

So great are the distances between hives that even the most athletic gang won’t get far on foot, so what vehicles can be scraped together will serve your gangers well in the trials to come

Get ready to leave the hive behind… soon!

RUMORS: New Necromunda Ash Wastes Truck Spotted!

Genestealer Cults TruckThe Reddit post is about how the Genestealer Cults could take over the vehicle. Obviously, by the name of the expansion from GW, it’s all about the gangs that control the Ash Wastes. Still, if it’s a new fast-moving vehicle, it could easily be for GSC or might even have some cross-over rules for 40k.

We also know GW does not like to make art if there aren’t minis, the pic on the left is from a recent Rumor Engine, and the pic on the right is from the recent trailer. They match up pretty perfectly, and from the looks of it, the model will be really close to the artwork.

Necromunda TruckThen from another pic, it looks like the armored containers kit from GW will actually fit on the back. That makes us believe this is going to be some kind of flatbed trailer.

Battlezone Manufactorum – Munitorum Armoured Containers

This would be really cool if you could kitbash it like this, or maybe there will be a container from the Ash Wastes set made specifically for this. 

Necromunda TruckOr who knows, maybe there will be a huge kit like this with a giant armored convoy to fight over. Either way, it looks like another rumor engine has been solved this time as we weren’t sure exactly what this vehicle would be for…

A New Setting

Ash Wastes

Necromunda: Underhive hit the streets back in 2017, with the action focusing on the “classic” setting – the tunnels and domes of the lower reaches of Necromunda’s miles-high hive cities. Two years later the biggest boxed game we’d ever done came along in the form of Necromunda: Dark Uprising, taking the action into the hellish guts of a cannibal rebellion – just another day in the underhive! These were both followed by the Necromunda: Hive War box just last year.

And now we head to the Ash Wastes – the biggest thing to happen to Necromunda since the 2017 relaunch.

That’s a big statement! We’ll have to wait and see some more reveals, but just that statement alone means this is going to be huge. Let’s hope the boxset doesn’t disappoint with that in mind.

Ash Wastes 2

This toxic, rad-scoured landscape is too expansive to fit into a single book. In fact, the wastes are so vast we’re introducing them with a massive new boxed set, which will be followed soon after by a whole series of books exploring the factions that battle across the wastes. 

If you were hoping for more true underhivers soon, well, it looks like you won’t be getting them anytime soon. From the looks of the graphic, we’ll be seeing at least three books and another box here sometime in 2022 or possibly 2023.

Necromunda Ash Wastes Boxset

Necromunda Ash Wastes

Set off into the great outdoors with Necromunda: Ash Wastes, a new boxed set that brings ruthless gang warfare to the barren wild. Contend with howling winds that’ll strip the flesh from your bones, radzones hot enough to cook your blood in seconds, and locals who’ll eat you as soon as look at you. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather stay inside?

Necromunda Ash WastesWe’ve been seeing previews for about a month or so for this, and GW promises this is the biggest thing to happen to Necromunda since 2017.

Necromunda Ash Wastes



The box features House Orlock prospectors duking it out with the Ash Wastes Nomads – a brand new gang native to the hazardous plains beyond the Hive walls. We’ve already glimpsed one of these mysterious desert dwellers, and now it’s time to get a first look at every member of the new gang.

The minis themselves are really cool and have an interesting feel and make sense with the super harsh wastes of the planet.

Necromunda Ash Wastes

These Outrider Quads are impressive, but what of the Ash Wastes Nomads? Surely they won’t be left in the (radioactive) dust by their hiver adversaries? Who needs little buggies… when you have big bug-guys?

Necromunda Ash WastesThese Dustback Riders are definitely something interesting! If you want some weird bugs, even if not for Necromunda they could make for some wild conversions.

Necromunda Ash Wastes

This is the first time we’ve ever been outdoors on Necromunda, and the wide-open spaces allow for a completely different type of fighting. The box includes a full gang from the House of Iron, and they’re accompanied by a whole new breed of ganger – time to finally break out the dune buggies!

House Orlock regularly makes trips into the wastes, so it’s good to see. Then, these are the first vehicles in Necromunda, but they said there will be more than this!

The terrain itself is pretty cool, it honestly isn’t an insane amount of terrain, but some cool pieces in there.

Necromunda 2This is a cool style for the terrain and almost has an Ewok feel to it!

You’ll also grab the rulebook with the box, which is always really nice.

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