3 New G.I Joe 1/6th Scale Figures To Order Right Now!

gi joe 6 scale featureThe new G.I Joe 1/6th Scale Figures are super detailed and will make for some amazing additions to your collection- check it out!

Look, we all love tabletop gaming, but how can you not be a fan of amazing action figures to fill your shelves and just inspire you to try that much harder! These new G.I. Joe action figures just hit pre-order but most won’t be shipping out till January 2023 for two of them, one is available now, so quite a wait for two of them, but at least you can get one now! 

They have a bunch of releases, but we’ll be covering our favorites. So if you don’t see something you want, be sure to click on any of the links to see all the new G.I. Joe Action figure releases.

G.I. Joe Firefly FigZero 1:6 Scale Action Figure:

gi joe 6 scaleHere are the specs on this one:
  • Explosives expert Firefly will get the job done!
  • Sabotage the G.I. Joe team with bombs, detonators, and more!
  • Approximately 12-inches tall.
  • 22 points of articulation.

gi joe 6 scale 3


gi joe 6 scale 2Firefly comes with a full loadout of included armaments and accessories:

  • 1x Sub-machine Gun
  • 1x Pistol
  • 1x Combat Knife
  • 4x Hand Grenades
  • 2x Magnetic Detonators
  • 2x Bombs (1x Timebomb, and 1x Biochemical Bomb)
  • 1x Backpack with tools
  • 4x Pairs of interchangeable hands (1x Pair of fists, 1x Pair of firearm hands, 1x Pair of relaxed hands, 1x Right melee hand, and 1x Left detonator hand)

Roadblock FigZero

gi joe 6 scale 4Here are the specs on this one:

  • Roadblock bringing the heavy firepower to your G.I. Joe collection! 1:6 Scale Roadblock with fully articulated body.
  • Full loadout of firearms, grenades, ammo, and more!
  • 22 Points of articulation!
gi joe 6 scale 5
gi joe 6 scale 6Roadblock comes with a full loadout of weapons including:
  • 1x Pistol with holster
  • 1x Knife with sheath
  • 1x M2 Browning heavy machine gun
  • 4x Grenades
  • 7x Smoke grenades
  • 1x Tripod
  • 1x Row of bullets
  • 4x Pairs of interchangeable hands (1x Pair fists with gloves, 1x Pair gun-holding hands with gloves, and 1x Pair of knife-holding hands with gloves, 1x Pair relaxed hands with gloves)

Camo Storm Shadow 1:6 Scale Action Figure

gi joe 6 scale 7Here are the specs on this one:

This exciting Threezero X Hasbro G.I. Joe Camo Storm Shadow 1:6 Scale Action Figure – Previews Exclusive joins the G.I. Joe 1:6 scale articulated figures collection! Threezero’s Camo Storm Shadow figure is inspired by Hasbro’s 1988 Storm Shadow version 2 figure. In this iteration, fans imagine the time when Storm Shadow left COBRA and relocated to a remote mountain hideaway, occasionally joining Snake Eyes on special operative missions.
gi joe 6 scale 8
gi joe 6 scale 9
Standing at 12-inches tall, the Camo Storm Shadow collectible figure features a fully-articulated body with realistic seamless arms, fabric hand-tailored camouflage costume, and a high attention to detail. The 1/6 scale Camo Storm Shadow figure includes the full accessory loadout of the standard 1:6 scale Storm Shadow figure in addition to two fists with claws that are exclusive to this variant! This Camo Storm Shadow is a Previews Exclusive in North America and the UK. 
That does it for this one, now go get some awesome figures!

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