3 New Star Wars: Legion Sets hit Pre-Order!

star-wars-legion-new3 New Star Wars: Legion sets have hit pre-order with Mandalorian Super Commandos, Black Sun Enforcers, and Pykes- check them out!

If you’ve been waiting to get into the game, now is the time! Come on, you love Star Wars, might as well play it on the tabletop. If you’ve already been playing, well, you have been getting tons of options to expand your forces. Star Wars: Legion is just a really fun game and with all the additions, each game will have even more flavor.

Atomic Mass Games revealed the 2 new sets along with a pre-order date. The only downside is they won’t be released until June 17th, but that’s really not too far away now. The new models will really let you grab some interesting new units with some amazing models and really fun sculpts. Let’s get into the new models!


new Star Wars LegionThis is just a really cool box with a ton of awesome minis in it! If you love everything Star Wars: Legion, check out what else is going on with it.

new Star Wars Legion 2Here’s what they have to say about the new set:

Mandalorian Super Commandos bend the galaxy to Maul’s will in this expansion for Star Wars: Legion! Previously members of the notorious Death Watch, these elite Mandalorian warriors now follow Maul because he wields the Darksaber.

new Star Wars Legion 3

With them, players have a powerful new special forces option for their Shadow Collective forces. In addition to six Mandalorian Super Commando miniatures and a unit card, players will also find three command cards specifically designed for use with mercenary units in this expansion as well as eight upgrade cards that invite them to customize their units with heavy weapons, new gear, and more!


new Star Wars Legion 4


new Star Wars Legion 5Here’s what they have to say about the new set:

Reinforcements arrive to help the notorious Black Sun syndicate spread its influence across the galaxy in this expansion for Star Wars: Legion! Operating out of its fortress on Mustafar, the Black Sun makes ample use of criminal elements willing to take on any task for the right price. This expansion invites players to hire an additional six Black Sun Enforcers that they can add to their Imperial, Separatist or Shadow Collective forces as a corps unit.

new Star Wars Legion 6

Additionally, they will also find a Black Sun Vigo miniature that can lead this unit or act as a commander for the entire force. Finally, three command cards give these mercenaries their own playstyle while eight upgrade cards give players the chance to customize their units with additional weapons, gear, and more!

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