Get 4 Assassins For the Price of 1 & Free Shipping Worldwide!

By Rob Baer | April 19th, 2022 | Categories: 3d MTO Marketplace, Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors

Heresy-Labs-Postcard-all-4Don’t miss out, score a set of four Assassin models for the price of one, and get free shipping worldwide for a limited time!

Since many of you already ordered this set, we wanted to offer this again, but at a huge discount now that we’ve started making them with Void Resin. It is a way better product, that is stronger, more durable, and better to handle.

Get 4 Assassins For $30 & Free Worldwide Shipping!

So don’t miss the HeresyLab Assassin set in this amazing material for 50% off its original price! That’s right, you get FOUR minis for only $29.95 the perfect way to get a set of assassins for less!

assassins-bundle-featureAt this price, you can get a whole set of Assassins for less than the cost of one single model from you know who…

Assassin Bundle: $29.95 (Includes Free Worldwide Shipping)

square ad all 4 assassins hereylabThis is a bundle set of Four Heresylab Kickstarter stretch goal versions of their Heresy Girl Assassins, at a discounted price (basically buy 2 models and get the rest for FREE).

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They make very dynamic alternatives to the ones on the market for under half of the price!  These miniatures are printed to a 25-micron standard using high-quality cured Void Resin.

They are scaled to fit on a 32mm base, and come unpainted.

These will be a limited run at this price, as we produce our first batch for all the orders- so order now to make sure you get yours! Here’s a look at the new material. 


Void Resin is our propriety new resin that makes 3d prints feel and act more like plastic, and the strength benefits are amazing. Watch Rob disrespect a model printed with Void Resin below:

Gif-void resinWe think the YouTube video with accompanying audio is even more impressive.

All four are about 60 ml of resin and takes roughly 1 Anycubic Photon-sized printing plates about 6 total hours to produce.

If you are after just the .STL files, they are available from HeresyLab right now as well!

Individual Models Included

Assassins 600 x600

Assassins 1 600 x600

Assassins 2 600 x600


For this sale price, it is a hard deal to beat!  But there isn’t much time to get yours, so be sure to get yours for less now!

Click Here To Get Your Set of Assassins

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