6 Insanely Cool Squats Themed 40k Conversions & Armies

best-squar-warhammer-40k-armies-conversions-miniaturesWhile the new Squats are still a ways off, you can get inspired by these awesome Leagues of Votann Warhammer 40k conversions and armies.

This is something we’ve been waiting forever to see, so we’re happy the new army is finally on the way. Still, people have been hobbying and making amazing models for a long time, so check out some of our favorite Squats we’ve seen! First, though, let’s look at the model we’ve seen from GW!

GW Confirms New 40k Squats aka the Leagues of Votann


April Fool’s joke? The Leagues of Votann don’t do jokes! Or probably April for that matter…
40k Squats
Yes, they’re really real. In an April Fools double-bluff that had Tzeentch himself scratching his feathered head, Humanity’s long-lost cousins actually are making their return to the 41st Millennium as a full Warhammer 40,000 faction.
The model itself is really sweet and honestly, the name change is probably a good thing as it just sounds cool. But we won’t mind if you call them by their OG name!
40k Squats 2

These warriors have a long and proud martial history, and to those who aren’t on their bad side, they’re known as the Leagues of Votann – though they refer to themselves as Kin.

Although their civilisation shares common roots with Humanity, the Leagues of Votann have an uneasy relationship with the Imperium of Man. Unlike their superstitious Human cousins, the Leagues emerged from the Age of Strife with far more of their ancient technology intact, including some infamous advances the Imperium would consider extremely heretical.

This is a cool idea in terms of weaponry as well. It looks like you just won’t have shorter Guardsmen with Lasguns or something like that. Let’s just hope they have some really cool weapons!

40k Squats 3

Their knack for science and a headstrong nature make for skilled warriors backed up by reliable weaponry, as you can see from even this basic trooper. And while there’s no love lost between the Leagues of Votann and Humankind, the resurgence of Chaos and ascendent xenos hordes mean there are usually more pressing concerns than fighting each other.

Lastly, they say it will be a few months before we see them, but we’re sure there will be teasers and lore galore in the meantime! Now, let’s check out some of our favorite conversions we’ve seen!

6 Insanely Cool Squats League of Votann Themed 40k Conversions & Armies

atomic empire squat soup 1Mixing in some full-sized Blood Angels with an entire Squat army, this army had an amazing display board to tie them all together with. From hills and dried riverbeds to cover made from a Chimera, this army was flexing its hobby score.

atomic empire squat soup 2

Vostroyan Squatborn can make a decent cover of almost any feature they can get their bodies behind. And even though these are small in size, they’ve each got a lot of hobby love thrown in.

Plasma Tank Commanders reinforced their ranks as well. What they lacked in an invuln save, they made up for in firepower.

atomic empire squat soup 4


atomic empire squat soup 5

Finally, for some backfield support, a couple of Wyverns were spotted sporting a crisp purple and tank paint scheme giving the Emperor’s Peace in style.  Click here to see the full showcase of this amazing army!

Squat Infantry From Castle Brush

Infantry Sqaud Castle Brush


Castle Brush Squat ArmyThe infantry just looks so amazing! They were able to pack tons of detail into such small minis and achieved so much character in every single piece.

Squat Special Weapons

Squat special Weapons Squad

Squat special Weapons Squad 2These squats brought plenty of firepower! Ah, the smell of plasma in the morning.

Squat Heavy Weapons



Squat Mortars


Squats InfantryBombard your enemies from a distance! There’s no shame in thinning the lines with mortars, missiles, and las-cannons before your army gets into the fray.

Squat Characters

Squat characters


Squat Medics“Medic!” Don’t let your soldiers go without the medical attention they deserve! These look so incredible, we’re just stunned at the detail they were able to get into such small minis.  Click here to see the full showcase of this amazing army!

Death Guard Squat

Death Guard

Sometimes the Death Guard have to send in their special units and some of those specialist units come in small packages!

Come see one awesome mini brought to us by hobby maniac Mark Maxey. We think this may be a renegade Death Guard Squat in Exo Armor, and we love it.

Death Guard

Death Guard

 Click here to see the full showcase of this amazing miniature!

The Lollipop Legion:

Check out some sick minis brought to us by hobby maniac Craig Downs.








Click here to see the full showcase of this amazing army!


Squat Battle Squad:

Hobby Maniac and paint studio Technomartyr are cranking out a battle company of these little guys!

squat battle company (2)


squat battle company (3)



Very cool stuff indeed. Click here to see the full showcase of this amazing army!

SQUAT Space Marines – The Littlest Armies On Parade Ever!

This is an AMAZING army conversion made almost entirely out of leftover shoulder pads brought to us by hobby maniac: Tom Harland.









Tiny Chaplin says “like us or get knee capped” Click here to see the full showcase of this amazing army!

Armies On Parade Roundup Showcase

Interested in showing off your work on Spikey Bits, and seeing your name in lights? We want those pics!

Which of these Squats er Leagues of  Votann conversions / armies are your favorite?

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