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Ghoulrich and Wurtshire featureCome see the latest way to score Ghoulrich and Wurstshire and more 3D miniature STL files each month with Reptilian Overlords Subscription Service.

The hobby maniacs at Reptillian Overlords are rolling out their new Miniature Subscription service. Here’s what you need to know about it!

Subscription Details:

reptillain overlords miniature subGet exactly what you need out of a miniature subscription

Reptilian Overlords

Welcome to the Reptilian Overlords Miniature Subscription! For the past two years, we’ve been creating the highest quality resin miniatures and conversion bits you could find anywhere! Now we’re making those bits available to download and print on your home 3D printer.

Rep Overlords SubWith the Miniature Subscription, you’ll be well-stocked with the best quality bits at a reduced price. Imagine being able to print out entire armies for the cost of a couple of lattes each month.Rep Overlords Sub

Each month we’ll be working on exciting new releases in the Sci-fi and fantasy genres and you’ll be able to follow along and participate in the process in our Development Blog over on the posts page. Your input and participation have really helped make our miniatures better so I love showing you what’s in the works and hearing what you have to say.

Ghoulrich & Wurstshire: $10.00 (or 1 Credit)

Ghoulrich and Wurtshire

The Law Offices of Ghoulrich & Wurstshire are the most feared law firm in the empire. With a ruthless cunning and bloodthirsty viciousness they prosecute their holy war against the unbeliever, the unholy, and the infringer. Judgement is swift, and the penalty is always death. They are often accompanied by a cadre of servants, priests, and zealots who aid them in the hunting of witches, and demon worshipers.  Master Ghoulrich comes with many options including including a sword, stake, 2 axes, and parchment. Hand weapons from the Mercs & Militia kit are also compatible. Master Wurstshire comes with a giant 2 handed axe.

That does it for these awesome new files! Now go get these incredible files and join the subscription service!

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