Goblinz: Mischief & Madness Kickstarter Hitting Stretch Goals!

Goblinz and mischief 13If you want a ton of amazing minis, a new campaign, and terrain, the upcoming Goblinz: Mischief and Madness Kickstarter might be perfect!

The new project will focus on STLs, so that means you need a printer to take advantage of it, but you should get one if you don’t! The project has a ton of amazing files for goblins of all kinds, a lot of wild terrain, and even a campaign PDF to play with all your new minis! Now, with the project hitting a ton of stretch goals, it means even more files for all of us!

With so many cool files for goblins, you could easily build an entire army around them, or just keep things on a smaller scale, but that’s the beauty of 3D printing, you can just make whatever you need! Let’s check out the project!

Goblinz: Mischief &Madness Kickstarter Hitting Stretch Goals!

Goblinz and mischief

Goblinz and mischief 2You get a ton of files when you support that have a really wide range of uses! Here’s what they have to say about the project:

GoblinZ: Mischief and Madness, features a set of epic goblin Adventurers, a Warband of mischievous goblins, and a set of Captive goblins ruled and abused by the great goblin usurper Vogruk the fat

All Miniatures are designed at a 32mm scale and come in STL format pre-supported and test printed for resin printing.

Goblinz and mischief 3


Goblinz and mischief 4


Goblinz and mischief 5The adventurers are just super cool and each has so much character! If you throw these down on the board, you know the game is going to be fun!

Goblinz and mischief 6


Goblinz and mischief 7


Goblinz and mischief 8You also get a ton of really cool warband models, which if you printed enough of them up, you could make an entire army out of them and use the adventurers as your heroes!

Goblinz and mischief 9


Goblinz and mischief 10You also get some really sad-looking captives, but again, they have so much flavor!

Goblinz and mischief 11There is going to be a ton of terrain, but since the project hasn’t kicked off quite yet, they haven’t put it all up yet.

A D&D Adventure

Goblinz and mischief 14

As a part of EmberSmith Creative’s ambitious road map, I want to bring you a more immersive experience through print and play.

To accompany the core collection of models is a PDF adventure written for D&D 5e. The adventure includes a detailed map, NPC Descriptions & stat blocks, and story hooks to engage your players.

Stretch Goals

Goblinz and mischief 12These have been hit at the time of writing, but don’t worry, this isn’t everything you can score!

Goblinz stretch goalsThey’ve already hit a ton of goals, and with the way the project is trending, we expect to see way more soon!

That does it for this one, now go get some awesome files!

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