Guards! Guards! Guards! STL Kickstarter is Live Now!

guards! Guards! Guards!The new Guards! Guards! Guards! STL Kickstarter is full of amazing files that would make perfect alternatives for fantasy games!

If want awesome human STLs, then this might be the perfect project for you! There will be three core sets of different style guards, then a ton of add-ons for all different types of fantasy minis. They have a bunch of different weapon options and each set is super cool with a really unique feel.

Considering these are STLs you will need a printer to take advantage of the project, but just go get a printer! Also, the project is already funded, so no worries about not getting what you paid for. Let’s take a closer look!

Guards! Guards! Guards! STL Kickstarter is Live Now!

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guards! Guards! Guards! 3Here’s what they have to say about the project:

Welcome to the first Kickstarter from TytanTroll Miniatures. This Kickstarter consists of 3 Core sets of Medieval Fantasy Guards. These miniatures are full of character and will find many uses on your table for Fantasy Roleplaying Games as well as skirmish level wargames.

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I will be distributing the rewards from this campaign through MYMINIFACTORY only, so you will need an email associated with an active account on that site to be able to collect them.

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As I primarily develop miniatures for my Patreon, I am using Kickstarter to help engage with an audience who may not have ever come across my work. To help with that goal I am giving you the opportunity to pick up this great set of miniatures at prices significantly lower than I have made them elsewhere.

Stretch Goals

guards! Guards! Guards! 8With the project being so well-funded, there are already a ton of goals hit, and plenty more to come! Just like with all these projects, the more you support, the more we all get.


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guards! Guards! Guards! 11If you want more than just the initial core sets, you can also grab a ton of awesome add-ons! This isn’t even everything you can grab, so plenty to look forward to!

That does it for this one, now go get some amazing Guards miniatures STL files!

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