GW Announces New Warhammer 40k Sticker Collection

Panini Sticker CollectionGW is pairing with Sticker maker Panini to create a collection of new Warhammer 40k stickers with lots of factions represented- check it out!

First off, this is only launching in the UK and Ireland to start, so if you don’t live there, it looks like you’ll have to resort to the secondary market. However, they did say to keep an eye out, so hopefully, soon we’ll see them in the rest of the world before too long.

Warhammer Community unveiled a bunch of the new stickers and even though we may not all be able to get them right away, they are pretty cool and if you like collector items that are a little on the cheaper side (they even say the initial pack is free) these might be perfect.

Let’s take a closer look!

GW Announces New Warhammer 40k Sticker Collection

Warhammer stickers

This pack kicks off your collection with everything you need to get sticking. It features a full-colour album for you to house your stickers, complete with a Space Marine pull-out, 22 stickers to start you off, a special collector’s cardholder, and a limited edition Vindicare Assassin card.

Obviously, they start off with a ton of Marine stickers, but it’s good to see some other really cool stickers in there as well! You get a decent amount as well with 22 stickers, 4 cards, and a poster pull-out.

Warhammer stickers 2

If you want to get sticking and swapping with the basic album as fast as possible, you can score it for FREE from your nearest Warhammer store while stocks last.

Nothing wrong with getting stuff for free, just remember this is only in the UK and Ireland, so really only free for them.

Warhammer stickers 3


Warhammer stickers 4

It’s good news for Xenos fans – Necrons, Orks, and Aeldari have all infiltrated the various Battle Sisters and Space Marine Chapter pages. With a whopping 204 stickers to collect, you’ll soon come face to face with these pernicious foes.

The collaboration also includes over 50 different hero cards to collect on top of all those delightful stickers, and the starter pack gives you the nifty cardholder to store them all in. With each booster pack containing a hero card and four stickers, you’ll definitely be needing the space.

It’s always good to be able to get more factions, but we expect you’ll have to pay for the boosters as they say only the initial pack is free.

Warhammer stickers 5

The Panini Warriors of the Emperor sticker collection arrives in Warhammer stores on the 23rd of April. Head on down to your local Warhammer store upon release to grab your free album and some booster packs, which come in three sizes – singles, six-packs, and booster boxes.

They will be releasing in just about a week and a half, so if you want them, we would plan on getting there early as they don’t really mention how many they will have.

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Will you be picking any of these up? Do you like the idea of Warhammer 40k stickers? 

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