Male Conversion Bits & Helmets Kickstarter From HeresyLab

The new male conversion bits and helmets Kickstarter from HeresyLab will change up the look of your minis in seconds!

If you like the minis from HeresyLab, you’re always in luck. They pump out so many amazing minis and never seem to stop hitting us with the projects. Today we look at their newest project that can turn your Marines into something a little different.


female space marines conversion bits

The initial set comes with over 100 heads and we expect the stretch goals to add even more. This is just a preview but we expect it to kick off soon. Let’s get into it.

Male Conversion Bits & Helmets Kickstarter From HeresyLab

male conversion bits 2These are just the initial heads but they already look great and these are just some of what the project has to offer! If you love what HeresyLab is up to, check out what else they have going on here.

male conversion bits 3Let’s hear what they have to say about the project:

So here are 72+ male heads to convert your favorite miniatures. The resin ones will fit the majority of the current market 28/31mm models.


male conversion bits 4

Resin Pledge:

All heads and helmets are being tested and printed. We learn from making mistakes, and in this Kickstarter, we are testing all models to make sure they will be formatted and supported correctly to ease our customers’ printing.

Digital Pledge:

Digital models will be provided via MMF (My Mini Factory) or via direct transfer in case you don’t have or want an MMF account. All models will be supplied in OBJ, STL, and supported STL format.  All models will be print ready, tested, and printed using Lycee to be sure all users can access and print the file easily. 

Stretch Goals:

male conversion bits 5

That does it for this one, now go support a fun project!

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