New Kharadron AoS 3.0 White Dwarf Rules Update

Kharadon-Overlords-new-rules-white-dwarfA bunch of new AoS 3.0 Kharadron Overlords rules updates have been spotted in an upcoming White Dwarf- here are the changes!

A few months ago we saw the Cities of Sigmar receive their updated rules for AoS 3.0 in White Dwarf and it looks like most months will see a faction updated for a while. Honestly, this is a decent way to update armies to AoS 3.0 because it can take years for every army to get a book in the new edition.

These were spotted on Imgur and might not be what you were hoping for, or it might be everything you were dreaming of! Let’s jump into the new Kharadron rules for AoS 3.0 in White Dwarf.

New Kharadron AoS 3.0 White Dwarf Rules Update

Kharadron-Rules-6 WD

Unfortunately, these are a little bit of potato cam pics. Still, you can see most of the rules, just quite hard to see all the special rules. His pistol looks to have gone up in damage but his melee weapon looks unchanged. If You Want a Job Done… is now no longer rerolling but adding one to the hit roles.

Most of the rules are getting tweaked a little and most seem to be getting a little nerf.

Kharadron-Rules-2 WD

The Grand Strategy should be doable as you just have to spread out your aethergold throughout the game and get rid of all of it. Especially when compared to some of the most recent ones we’ve seen.

Kharadron-Rules-3 WD

Some of these are easier than others, like Mobilise the Fleet, as all you have to do is keep units garrisoned. Then, if you deploy them into the enemy deployment zone, you can score again.

Kharadron-Rules-4 WD

Kharadron-Rules-5 WD

Just like with all the other updates we’ve seen, they have changed around the Core Battalions for the new edition of Sigmar.

Check out all the other AoS Battletome rules updates inside previous White Dwarf Magazine for Age of Sigmar.

Do you like how they release new AoS 3.0 rules updates and changes for armies like Kharadron Overlords in the White Dwarf?

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