New Leman Russ Internal Sponsons Conversion Kits!

internal Sponsons featureGive Your tanks an awesome look and more options with the new Leman Russ internal sponsons conversion kits from Beyond the Tabletop!

With so many Leman Russ tanks out there, sometimes you just want to make yours stand out with an affordable and interesting conversion. These are interchangeable as well, so you can future-proof your minis with these kits.

Beyond the Tabletop has a bunch of cool kits for terrain, tanks, and all kinds of models, so if you’re looking to upgrade your army or board, they are a great place to look! Let’s take a closer look.

Internal Sponsons Conversion Kit: £14.50

internal SponsonsThe bits are pretty simple, but they also made a video on how to add them to your tanks, which you can watch here.

internal Sponsons 2Here are the specs on this one:

Resin conversion kit for creating internal sponsons, compatible with unassembled 28-32mm tabletop miniature tanks such as the Leman Russ Tank (shown only for example). 

internal Sponsons 3

Conversion kit adding internal sponsons to your tanks, suitable for unbuilt Leman Russ Battle Tanks in Warhammer 40k and other scale model tanks.

6-part resin kit to convert one tank with a left and right internal sponson. This kit is recommended for advanced hobbyists. Contains fragile parts that must be handled with care.

Internal Sponson Covers: £5.00  £17.50

internal Sponsons 4Here are the specs on this one:

4-part resin kit containing 2 identical covers for the left and right internal sponsons and 2 mounting pegs. There are 4 designs to choose from Vent, Armoured Vent, Panel, and Hatch.

internal Sponsons 5They have four different options and they are meant to be used with the kit above to really future proof your minis depending on how you want to equip your tanks!

That does it for this one, now stop staring and go grab yourself some awesome upgrade kits!

Get Your Leman Russ Internal Sponsons Here!

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