New Value in Star Wars: Legion Shadow Collective Starter Set

Star-Wars-Legion-shadow-collective-starter-setThe new Star Wars: Legion Shadow Collective Starter Set is a great way to get a ton of minis in one buy and get your forces on the move!

If you’ve been waiting to get into the game, now is the time! Come on, you love Star Wars, might as well play it on the tabletop. If you’ve already been playing, well, you have been getting tons of options to expand your forces. Star Wars: Legion is just a really fun game and with all the additions, each game will have even more flavor.

Atomic Mass Games revealed the new starter set! The only downside is they won’t be released until June 17th, but that’s really not too far away now. The new models will really let you pull on the dark side of things with some amazing models and really fun sculpts. Let’s get into the new models!

Star Wars: Legion Shadow Collective Starter Set: $69.99

Yup that’s right 22 minis including three squads and the man himself Maul for just $69.99 (retail).

Star Wars Shadow CollectiveThis is just a really cool box with a ton of awesome minis in it! If you love everything Star Wars: Legion, check out what else is going on with it.

Star Wars Shadow Collective 2


Star Wars Shadow Collective 3Here’s what they have to say about the new set:

The galaxy’s seedy underbelly comes to Star Wars: Legion with the Shadow Collective Starter Set! This set introduces mercenaries to the game, inviting players to hire units from the notorious Black Sun and Pyke syndicates to join other faction’s armies. Alternatively, Maul himself can unite these disparate criminals under the banner of the Shadow Collective and lead them as a standalone force. Alongside his Mandalorian Super Commandos, they form a threat that could bring the galaxy to its knees.

Star Wars Shadow Collective 4


Star Wars Shadow Collective 5

Whichever path they choose, this set gives players plenty of new options for building their armies with 22 miniatures, including Maul, a unit of Shadow Collective Mandalorian Super Commandos, a unit of Black Sun Enforcers, and a unit of Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers. Additionally, players can further customize these forces with 30 upgrade cards that unlock heavy weapons, characters like Rook Kast, and more. Finally, this set also includes three command cards for use with the new mercenaries, three new command cards for Maul, and reprints of Maul’s three Separatist Alliance command cards.

Star Wars Shadow Collective 6That does it for this one, now go get yourself some awesome models!

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