RUMORS: New Captain Titus Primaris Jump Pack Miniature

space-marines-two-capt-titus-miniaturesSpace Marine 2 is looking pretty hype with a rumored new Captain Titus primaris jump pack miniature and more!

This would honestly make sense, as not only is the game garnering a bunch of interest, it’s all about Space Marines. And you know who GW likes to make exclusive models for? You guessed it Space Marines! Plus, they made a model for Ventris, so it has precedence in a way.

The rumors for this come from Valrak over on B&C. Let’s first check out what we know about the game so far, then jump into the rumors!

Everything We Know About Space Marine 2 so Far!

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, do yourself a favor and watch it! That is unless you love Tyranids, the honor of the imperial guard, and hate Space Marines, then maybe not. But why are you reading a post about Space Marines…

Anyways, the action is super fast-paced and quite deadly. If the game can capture any of that feel, we’ll be in for a heck of a game! Warhammer Community talked with people who worked on the game ( Oliver Hollis-Leick, the Creative Director at Saber Interactive, and Dessil Basmadjian, the Creative Director at Focus Entertainment) about what to expect, let’s hear what they have to say about the trailer:

space marine 2 trailer

The story we’re telling centres on Titus, but it was very important for us to place our hero in an authentic Warhammer 40,000 setting.

We wanted to portray the way a mortal would perceive a Space Marine: a towering Angel of Death, sent down from the heavens by the will of the Emperor. A Space Marine is a warrior of the highest order, a demigod-like figure with almost superhuman powers. 

space marine 2 trailer 2

One of the most exciting aspects of the Space Marine franchise is that it gives players an opportunity to experience the Warhammer 40,000 universe directly from the battlefield, making it one of the most immersive portrayals of this vast setting. We wanted fans of the franchise to wonder throughout the trailer if this was a new IP or the sequel that they’ve been craving for 10 years now. For perceptive viewers, however, we included subtle hints at who was under the helmet.

Talking to a Game Designer

space marine 2 trailer 3Warhammer Community also talked with the lead designer on the combat side of the game, Andrey. Their goal was to make it more intense and fun than the last one while keeping the feel. Let’s hear what they have to say about the game:

 As a member of a combat team, I’d say it’s the combat system is the best improvement… But overall, it’s actually the scale of everything. Space Marine 2 is much more epic than its predecessor in every single way.

We want to give the player the feeling that they’re a big unstoppable death-dispensing warrior. All the combat systems, animations, and enemy behaviours are created with that clear purpose in mind. The feel when playing is essential. It’s about weight, momentum, and impact.

space marine 2 trailer 4The Art producer Aleksandra also talked to them about the direction of the game: 

The hardest part is to keep everything faithful to the lore and miniatures while making everything realistic at the same time. Miniatures have quite exaggerated shapes to make them stand out on the table. We couldn’t retrace the forms, so we needed to change them just a little while still staying true to the Warhammer IP.

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Ah, got to keep it close to the IP, especially now that they are starting to license a lot and actually make a serious profit off of it.

Rumors: A New Captain Titus Model Incoming

Valrak heard the rumors from a source that he trusts and they say the game is going to be big, in terms of products and branding.

This licensing partnership is going to be huge, they are going to attempt to do way more than a game and more than they have previously attempted with something like this. They will actually make models referencing this video game, so that means we could see even more than Titus! Valrak’s source also says that they could do way more than just Titus if there are some big characters in the game.

On top of that, there will be tons of merch for Space Marine 2. Basically, it seems like GW is going all-in on it.

Next, according to the rumors, there will 100% be rules and the model will have a jump pack too! This is also going to herald in the new jump pack-style Primaris Marines we’ve heard rumors of.

Then, the source told him that GW is also going to be investing at least 30 million into the game. With such a big investment, you know they are going to really push this and hit it from every front. Plus, they have recently given rules to the new Space Marine exclusive mini as well!

So it would make sense to give him rules, then we also had Ventris, so the stage is totally set for an awesome Titus model!

The Ventris Treatment

They didn’t invest nearly as much into the books of Ventris, so if they really are spending that much money and making it a flagship product, the model seems like a no-brainer. Also, with them rumored to be dropping a new Space Marine codex fairly soon, the timing could line up perfectly to use the Titus model as a jumping-off point for the new book. Especially if he’s going to be a character model for a totally new type of unit.

Ventris sold like crazy, so we expect them to take that and go even bigger for the Titus Primairs Space Marine!

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