Upgrade Your Primaris Impulsor Tank With This PGTM Conversion Kit!

Impulsor Conversion Kit feature rUpgrade your Primaris Impulsor Tank with the latest conversion from Pop Goes the Monkey, and keep your enemies off your tailgate!

If your Impulsor Tanks seem a little bit too open for your taste the hobby maniacs at Pop Goes the Monkey have you covered, literally. They are always coming out with some of the coolest minis and bits on the market! They have also recently upgraded to Monkey Resin for their kits so you can get high-quality resin minis for less! Nothing wrong with saving some cash!

This time around they are adding a sweet little upgrade set for the Impulsor. If the base kit wasn’t cool enough, you get to make it even better now and cover the back of your tank.

New Rhinoback- Impulsor Conversion Kit: $19.99

Impulsor Conversion Kit


Impulsor Conversion Kit 2


Impulsor Conversion Kit 3This is just a super easy bit to add to your tanks that make them look that much cooler. If you love what Pop Goes the Monkey is up to, check out some of their other stuff here!

Let’s hear from them about all the specs on this:

The Rhinoback crew compartment comes in 4 pieces and meant to fit onto the back section of the Primaris Impulsor kit. The Tailgate slots into a working hinge on the back section of our kit and snaps into place when closed. 

The top hatch has 2 different sides. One side allows you to add on the turret-mounted weapon options of the impulsor kit, and the other side features a classic rhino-style hatch. This piece fits snuggly into the roof so gluing is not required. This opening is compatible with other “Top Hatch “components sold here in the store, such as the Tornado VLS Hatch

How They Look on the Tank:

Impulsor Conversion Kit 4


Impulsor Conversion Kit 5


Impulsor Conversion Kit 6

The roof section also incorporates a banner stand that will work with our MaMag Vexilla system which utilizes two, 1/16″ x 1/8″ (2mm x 3mm) Cylinder Magnets, to affix the Vexilla (banner) to both the Vehicle and the backpack. This can be an easy way to identify which units are embarked in the vehicle. Once that unit disembarks, simply remove the banner from its stand and attach it to the banner carrier.

These magnets can be found in many retailers online but, we recommend our friends over at the Magnet Barron.

That does it for this one! Just some great little kits that will make your tanks stand apart.

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