Puppetswar Launches 18 New Sizes of HDF Bases For Miniatures

puppets war basesGet your 3D printed projects, or just any unloved miniatures ready for the tabletop with all the new HDF bases from Puppetswar!

Puppetswar has been hard at work cranking out some great-looking bits for your sci-fi tabletop wargames. If you have been looking for a quick and effective way to upgrade your army, whether they are Marines (or something from their Patreon) or not, they are a great place to look! All of their bits look great, fit well, and will make your army stand out on the tabletop!

This week they are focusing on something a little different with a ton of new HDF bases! They basically have every size you could need and would work perfectly with their Patreon. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really have to because each month they have so many wild files on there.

Considering they have so many sizes, we’ll show some of the most common, but they have way more than this!

Round 32mm HDF bases [x10]: $1.62

puppets war bases 3Even if you don’t combine these with the models in their Patreon, we’re sure you have plenty of models out there without bases. If you love what  Puppetswar is up to, check out what else they have going on.

Round 80mm HDF bases [x5]: $2.70

puppets war bases 4While it’s not the most exciting release ever, your models need bases to actually play! Plus, these are pretty affordable when it comes to bases, so really just a win-win!

Round 28.5mm HDF bases [x10]: $1.35

puppets war bases 5This is just a sampling of what they have to offer, check out below to see every size of base they have!

All the New Sizes:

puppets war bases 2With basically every size you could need, it is so much easier to get your 3D printed models ready for the tabletop with these new HDF bases!

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