GW Reveals New Forge World Pre-Orders Are Live

new forge world releases games workshop wal hor warhammer communityNew Forge World pre-orders for the Adeptus Titanicus Dire Wolf and new Halfling Blood Bowl characters are live now!

If you play any of these “specialist” games, this might be the release for you. This week, there will be a decent number of new minis you can pick up!

Adeptus Titanicus Dire Wolf & Blood Bowl Forge World Pre-Order

These are all on pre-order, but we all know it’s better to get in early and not miss out. So if you want any of this stuff, be sure to get those hobby dollars ready.

Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan with Neutron Laser $55

Dire Wolf

Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans are much sturdier and more heavily armoured than their Warhound cousins. They bear massive weapons on their backs, sacrificing some mobility for added stability to handle the recoil and weight of their payload. Unusual pintle-mounted arm weapons offer some defence against enemy Knights, allowing them to focus on lining up a firing solution with their main weapons. Neutron lasers require a massive amount of power, and generate incredible heat, requiring sophisticated equipment and modifications to the carapace and chassis of the Dire Wolf.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with having more scout titans for your army!

Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan with Volcano Cannon $55

Dire Wolf 2If you want that extra power to burn your enemies down, this is the variant to go with! Plus, considering they are a bit heavier than Warhound, you know they’ll dish out the extra punishment.

Rumbelow Sheepskin $36


Rumbelow Sheepskin and his surly ram, Longshanks, are just what a Halfling coach needs to beef up a wilted Line of Scrimmage. While able to be hired by a variety of teams, Rumbelow looks his best when playing with Halfling teams, where his relative speed and toughness make him the star of their line-up.

This is a cool little mini to add to your Halfling team! Plus, who doesn’t want to ride around on a sheep while it rams blockers for you?

Greenfield Grasshuggers Full Roster and Subs $198

Halfling Team

Halflings have to fight twice as hard to make a name for themselves. They’re full of heart, determination, and enough sausage and ale to choke a troll. This bundle gives you all the main ingredients and extra fixings to make an absolute feast of a team. Not only will you get a whole Blood Bowl team and all the accessories, but also a Treeman and Star Players Deeproot Strongbranch and Rumbelow Sheepskin to expand your playbook.

If you just want the whole team in one buy, then this is the way to go!

Will you be picking any of these up? Which is your favorite? 

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