Echoes of Doom New Sylvaneth vs Skaven Box Confirmed By GW!

Echoes-of-doom-box-set-age-of-sigmarWe saw all the minis during Warhammer Fest, but GW has officially revealed what you can score in the new AoS Echoes of Doom box!

The new box will feature some of the new units along with some staples for both armies. If you want to start collecting either of the armies, this box could be a good way for you to get into the factions!

The announcement comes from Warhammer Community with everything the box will have. Let’s take a closer look at the box and some leaked rules we’ve seen for the new model rules.

AoS Echoes of Doom Sylvaneth vs Skaven Box Revealed!

Echoes of Doom

What have the servants of the Horned Rat done this time? They’ve only gone and dug out a gnawhole right into the heart of Ghyran to pilfer a juicy harvest of soulpods – classic skaven. Led by the Grey Seer Skrittat, master of subtlety, they led a surprisingly successful heist into Neos.

This sacred land near the very centre of the Everspring Swathe was considered impenetrable, making the crime even more of an affront to Alarielle and her children.

Echoes of Doom 2This is a bigger mix of old and new units than we expected, but still, you get three new units in the box. Two for Sylvaneth and one for Skaven. It does make sense though as if there were just new units for the Sylvaneth, the box wouldn’t make a ton of sense for players trying to get into the faction. They didn’t give us a release date quite yet, but usually, when you see the box, it’s not far off.

New Units in the Box

Lady of vinesFirst up is this wild Lady of the Vines who has just recently been resurrected from events back in the Realmgate wars This is a pretty wild mini, and with how much lore is out there about this model, it will be really fun to play with!

Leaving her realm for the first time came the Lady of Vines, legendary commander and daughter of Alarielle herself. Cut off from the goddess in her warlike summer aspect, the Lady and her army reap a bloody path straight to Skrittat’s retreating forces, triggering an all-out battle.

Gossamid Archers

It’s the first place to get the Gossamid Archers for the Sylvaneth, who are capable of dealing deadly D3 mortal wounds per arrow.

We spotted the warscroll for this unit, which we’ll have below, and more info on those arrows!


Luckily for the Sylvaneth, Skrittat was always doomed to fail. Unbeknownst to him, his trusted assassin, Deathmaster Virrtik, had been hired by another party keen to see to Skrittat’s downfall. All it took was a well-laid trail of clues allowing the Sylvaneth to follow them back to Aqshy and take their revenge – and stopping the overambitious Skrittat’s rise to power.

Considering this was the new model for Skaven, it’s good to see it in the box.

Echoes of Doom 3

You can also find a whole host of gameplay gubbins, including a giant token sheet, a copy of the core rules, warscroll cards, and transfers. Of course, it wouldn’t be a battlebox without a new narrative supplement, diving into greater detail about the Sylvaneth-Skaven showdown and the struggle for the soulpods.

As they do with most of the boxes, there will be some additional rules and such in the box. Now, let’s check out the rules we’ve seen.

Sylvaneth Gossamid Archers Warscroll Rules

Images of what appears to be the rules inside Echoes of Doom were already spotted on Reddit.

gossamid archers sylvaneth rules warscrollThis is probably the new Sylvaneth Gossamid Archers Warscroll Rules from the new box set, which may change with the actual battletomes hit. However, since we know both are on deck, so to speak, then it’s probable that the battletome book rules may override these ones.

However, with a moment of 12 and exploding MWs on 6’s, and the ability to dip out 12″ when charged, these new models are going to be harassers extreme to their enemies.  If there is a way for them to re-roll their attacks, we could see a lot of players making room for them in this lists going forward.

Well, let’s take a look at their rumored points first…

echoes of doom box set skaven and sylvaneth points

Looks like the Sylvaneth Gossamid Archers are clocking in just under Kurnoth Hunters and well above the Revenants that you can use for battlelines.  Perhaps their juice will be worth the squeeze when we see the rest of the Battletome rules for the Sylvaneth?

Points-wise, there seems to be a bit of a difference between the two factions, so it will be interesting to see what the narrative missions included in the box turn out to be…

Kurnoth Hunters, Clanrats, and Stormvermin

New Warscroll from the Echoes of Doom Box for the Kurnoth Hunters, Clanrats, and Stormvermin have been spotted as well!

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