GW Has Quietly Rebranded Forge World Products On Their Webstore

forge-world-logo-banner-games-workshop-warhammer-40kSomething big may be on the way, as GW has started quietly adding and rebranding Forge World products to their web store.

Just like with some of their other recent releases, there was no fanfare about the move, just one day, a whole new little section popped up in the GW webstore. Let’s check out the kits moving over.

GW Quietly Adds Forge World Products to Their Webstore

We recently noticed that in their UK webstore, Games Workshop has rebranded Forge World as “Expert Level Model Kits”.

gw forge world site

As you can see on the left, there is a new section called Expert Level Model Kits. Right now, it mainly looks like Tyranids has made the move over, but we’re not really sure as to why them and not other models.

This isn’t something we’ve really seen much of before, but with Horus Heresy moving to plastic, it almost makes sense to move models over from the Forge World webstore to the main GW one. They are also not calling them Forge World kits on the site but expert-level model kits.

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As GW didn’t really say much about this, we can only speculate now. However, this could have really big implications. Because if Horus Heresy all moves over to the GW store (one of the biggest sections of FW), and they start moving models like this, there’s a chance it just sort of fades away over time.

Or, this all could be nothing really and they’re just trying to increase Tyranids sales with their new codex book.

gw forge worldAlso, something to note along with these products being called “Expert Level Model Kits” is that when you click on one of the entries, you see first an age restriction, then they mention that this is 100% a resin kit.

It’s also interesting that they are pushing these as expert kits and not Forge World proper.

GW forgeworld Kits

Lastly, they actually point you to Forge World for the rules in the description. That is interesting if someone were to buy a model without realizing it’s not in the appropriate codex book, so at least they can locate the rules for their mode(s).

We’ll have to see if they keep expanding this “Expert Level Model Kit” line or not with future codex book releases or even perhaps the new edition of Horus Heresy.

Update: it looks like they are doing just that.

GW Quietly Rebrands Forge World Products Again: Horus Heresy Imperial Fists Upgrades

Imperial Fists Upgrades

You can provide your own sartorial flair to the VII Legion with this upgrade set containing 11 detailed resin helmets, each one positively festooned with noble foliage. There are three sets each of three different knightly designs, plus one helmet with a transverse crest for your Praetors and Sergeants, and one square-jawed feller with a bare head.

The heads themselves are pretty cool, but the most interesting part is that they are in resin, and the branding is radically different from current resin products. Not only in terms of packaging but also the fact that they are calling these bespoke resin pieces.

So, it looks like HH will keep some of its resin roots. However, it looks like these will be for sale from Games Workshop and not Forge World per ce.


Imperial Fists Upgrades 2

Parade your loyalty to Rogal Dorn and the Emperor with this set of 10 sculpted resin Imperial Fists pauldrons. There are five designs, each with different configurations on indents on the rims, but they all proudly display the clenched, armoured fist of the Legion to strike fear into the craven hearts of the Traitor Legions. 

They say these will be on pre-order soon, but not exactly when. They also mention that the rest of the upgrade kits will be on the way.

This raises a few questions, how much else will stay resin, and is GW’s branding for Forge World onto their webstore and brick and mortar stores going to work?

Perhaps most importantly, will these new bits be Forge World resin at all, or something completely new like SioCast?

What do you think about GW rebranding Forge World as “Expert Level Model Kits” and adding them to their webstore? 

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