Horus Heresy Weapons Packs & New Expansion Boxes Unveiled!

new-horus-heresy-releasesIt looks like you’ll be able to further upgrade your MKVI armor with the Horus Heresy Special and Heavey Weapons Packs, plus new unit expansion boxes as well!

Another big online GW Preview for all things Warhammer is here! Catch all the latest reveals from  Warhammer TV  and Warhammer Community, along with our commentary! It looks like you’re in luck for those hoping for new models coming to Horus Heresy!

GW Warhammer Fest Preview

Warhammer Fest

As with last year, there’ll be four full days of online reveals, each with a different theme. But Warhammer Fest has traditionally been an in-person event – and we’ll be back in the flesh this year, with a huge Horus Heresy open day on the final day at Warhammer World.

The action kicks off on the 4th of May, with a day dedicated to Warhammer 40,000 – including more than a few unexpected surprises. Warhammer Age of Sigmar gets the treatment on the 5th of May, with new units, new battletomes, and new characters. Then the 6th of May is skirmish day – a treat for fans of more than a few Warhammer game systems.

Horus Heresy Special Weapons Packs

It looks like the rumored bits we saw are all coming true and in plastic!

The Mark VI Tactical Squad is one of the most flexible kits ever. It’s the lynchpin of your army – which you need to claim objectives and win games, and with the addition of these new weapon upgrade kits, you can transform it into Legion Tactical Support Squads or Legion Heavy Support Squads to really bring the hurt.

Special Weapons Horus Heresy

The Special Weapons upgrade set contains 10 meltaguns, 10 plasma guns, 10 volkite calivers, 10 volkite chargers, 10 flamers, and 10 rotor cannons.

This is honestly a ton of weapons, and it’s so nice as you’ll actually be able to arm your squads with the weapons you want!

Special Weapons Horus Heresy 2

Need to kill your enemies from further away? There’s an upgrade kit containing 10 heavy bolters and 10 missile launchers.


Special Weapons Horus Heresy 3

Prefer fire, melta, and plasma weapons? There’s an upgrade kit for you! It features 10 plasma cannons, 10 heavy flamers, and 10 multi-meltas.

Getting 10 of each is just so much better than worrying about what you’re arming each model with. Let’s just hope they are easy to magnetize.


Special Weapons Horus Heresy 4

Finally, there’s an upgrade kit with 10 volkite culverins, 10 lascannons, and 10 autocannons.

New Horus Heresy Expansion Boxes & Rulebooks Unveiled!

Horus Heresy Starter

First up are the two Legiones Astartes army books – one for Loyalists and one for the Traitors.* Each book includes the profiles for shared units, from heroic Praetors to armoured Contemptor Dreadnoughts, as well as weapons, special rules, and guides to building your Legiones Astartes army.

The Liber Hereticus contains rules for all nine Traitor Legions, including Rites of War, Primarchs, Legion-specific units and wargear. If you’re of a more Loyalist bent, the Liber Astartes contains the same for the nine Loyalist Legions.

If you’re playing the game, you’ll obviously have to get these rules for the legions.

MKVI Expansions

Got the rules but need some reinforcements? The Mark VI Tactical Squad will also be available separately. This kit is packed with options and makes 20 Space Marines, so you can muster either two 10-man squads or one big 20-man one. Good luck to any enemies who want to shift that.




Prefer older marks of power armour? The Mark III and Mark IV Tactical Squads are getting repackaged into units of 20, making it easier than ever before to fill out the ranks of your Legion.

New Characters

HH Characters

You’ll also be able to grab a pair of classic heroes to lead your forces into battle. Fans of the VI Legion and the XV Legion will want to pick up these plastic character miniatures. Geigor Fell-hand and Azhek Ahriman were both originally available in the Burning of Prospero boxed set, but this is the first time their models will be available separately – and both heroes will have rules in their respective Liber Astartes books.

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