New 40k Chaos Knights Army Box is Kind of a Value…

chaos-knights-army-box-valueThe new Warhammer 40k Chaos Knights Army Box will have three big new miniatures inside, but what type of value will it have?

The boxed sets have varied in value a decent amount lately, but this one will have an early release book like the Orks and Black Templars did. We’ll use that as a starting point for this, as it is being released similarly.

Let’s first check out the new minis coming in the Chaos Knights Renegade Army box then look at the value.

Chaos Knights Abominant 

The Abominant has everything you could want in a Chaos Knight – tusks, a volkite combustor to devastate distant enemies, an electroscourge to crush anything that gets too close, AND it’s a psyker. Yes, a Knight that has psychic powers! And that gun is a nod to classic Heresy-era weaponry, which their Imperial counterparts have all but lost.

The first miniature up is the new kit (which contains an upgrade sprue) to make a Knight Abominant, which will actually be a psyker. It covers most of the things from the above preview video, so don’t expect too much else from them. One thing to note here though, is all the current Imperial Questors, and Dominus Knights currently go for $170, but the Renegade Knights are $160 so we’re not 100% sure what the upgrade sprue will push it to when it releases separately…

Chaos Knight War Dog Karnivore


Armed with a reaper chaintalon and slaughterclaw, the Karnivore can tear its way through anything from Dreadnoughts to Trygons.

Be careful not to upset the Karnivore, or you’ll have to face its bigger brother – the Abominant! 

Next up is the Karnivore, which is fully geared up for close combat.

Lastly, we have the two new codex books, so at least Imperial Knight players are getting that!

Black Templars Army Box: $200 (2021)

Black Templars Army Box Revealed gencon army shot

The Army Set contains 13 miniatures, including 12 new Black Templars – a Marshal, the Emperor’s Champion, and a 10-man Primaris Crusader Squad with a ton of build options. You’ll also get a Redemptor Dreadnought, for targets that require a more forceful elimination.

These are updated with the latest prince changes:

  • Primaris Crusader Squad $60 
  • Redemptor Dreadnought $65 
  • Emperor’s Champion $38 
  • Marshal $35 
  • Codex:$30 (not really a limited edition because of production numbers & resale price)
  • Datacards: $16.50

Army Box Retail Price: $200 Total MSRP: $244.5 

Estimated Value from Savings inside: $44.50

Chaos Knights Army Box: What’s the Value?

The new army set is a great way to kick off a Chaos Knights army and perfect for adding reinforcements to an existing host of Descecrators and Rampagers. This box will be the first place you’ll be able to get your hands on the new Codex: Chaos Knights before it comes out as a separate release soon after. 

They also mentioned that the army box will have 3 knights (the Abominant and box of two Karnivore models) and the codex, along with some transfer sheets and the datacards.

  • Knight Abominant $170 (Based on newer Imperial Knights, could go up)
  • 2x Karnivores $85 (Based on recent kits)
  • Special Edition Codex $55 (commonly confused with the more expensive limited edition books that are sold alongside the codex release)
  • Data Cards $29 (based on existing cards)

Army Box Retail Price: $265 Total MSRP: $339

Savings Versus Box Price: $74

We have hoped they would have left the retail price the same as the other Army boxes at $200, and not bumped it up at all. that would have been great value as you’re just basically paying for a single Knight-ish and then getting the rest for free.

That however was not the case.

Is the Chaos Knights Renegade Army Box Worth Buying?

Chaos Knights Army Set

Sure if you’re really into Chaos Knights or want to start the army, you basically get the codex and cards “for free”. Is it worth picking up to speculate on for resale later on, or just to hold on to for value- probably not…

In the past, we saw two Knight Army Boxes sell for less than this one, and they even had an extra set of terrain included. Games Workshop seems to have upped their “ask” for all their models in general and has slowly been including less and less value inside these Army boxes.

Imperial Knights Renegade

To us, rulebooks and cards don’t have value as they literally go out of date days or weeks after publication already.

However, Games Workshop still seems determined to use them in their value proposition to consumers inside these Army Box bundles that continue to only remain attractive due to their paywall-ish nature, unfortunately.

If you can wait for the new models to be released separately, it seems like you will save $10 by just buying the new Abominant, and War Dogs by themselves for what we estimate will be $255.

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Are you excited about the value and all the new Chaos Knights Abominant and Karnivore models in the army box? 

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