New 40k World Eaters Codex Officially Announced By GW

world-eaters-codex-book-confrimed-warhammer-40k-rulesIt’s official- Games Workshop has confirmed that World Eaters will be getting their own Warhammer 40k codex.

Another big online GW Preview for all things Warhammer is here! Catch all the latest reveals from  Warhammer TV  and Warhammer Community, along with our commentary! It looks like you’re in luck for those hoping for new models coming to 40k!

GW Warhammer Fest Preview

Warhammer Fest

As with last year, there’ll be four full days of online reveals, each with a different theme. But Warhammer Fest has traditionally been an in-person event – and we’ll be back in the flesh this year, with a huge Horus Heresy open day on the final day at Warhammer World.

The action kicks off on the 4th of May, with a day dedicated to Warhammer 40,000 – including more than a few unexpected surprises. Warhammer Age of Sigmar gets the treatment on the 5th of May, with new units, new battletomes, and new characters. Then the 6th of May is skirmish day – a treat for fans of more than a few Warhammer game systems.

It’s good to see both AoS and 40k getting their own days because hopefully, this means tons of reveals along with Horus Heresy and Specialist Games.

New World Eaters Codex Officially Announced For Warhammer 40k

Games Workshop has confirmed that they have totally taken them out of the Chaos codex, meaning they will be having a new set of miniatures with new Khorne Berzerkers, and they said a few surprises as well!

Earlier today we saw some major reinforcements that the Heretic Astartes are getting alongside their new codex. But while this heretical tome is certainly fuelled by hate and driven by vengeance, it isn’t quite as angry as you might expect – one Legion is conspicuous in its absence.

World Eaters 2They also mentioned that they would get rules in White Dwarf as a holdover until they get their own book.

World Eaters

Khorne Berzerkers can’t go anywhere without their roaring chainaxes, and they’ll be using these heinous hatchets to chop their way through everything the 41st Millennium has to offer.

That’s not all – the codex will contain old favorites, dark legends, and some things that you’ve never seen before… We’ll be bringing you more updates on Codex: World Eaters and these murderous new miniatures over the next few months on Warhammer Community – so you can follow the Eightfold Path right up to release.

It looks like all the rumors we’ve seen about them getting their own book are true! This also means that Emperor’s Children has a big chance of getting their own codex book down the road!

New 40k World Eaters Codex Update Coming In June!

world-eaters-dark-wal-horAccording to images floating around the internet, it looks like the World Eaters Warhammer 40k codex update is coming in June.

We recently saw the new Battletome rules for the Hedonites of Slaanesh in White Dwarf 476 , and in the back of the magazine, there was this teaser:

world eaters supplement coming soon

So it looks like Warhammer Fest banter was right; there will be a White Dwarf update very soon, presumably because we know there are no World Eaters rules in the Chaos Space Marines Codex.

What New World Eaters 40k Rules We May See

Here’s a look at how GW has rolled out rules for other Chaos Space Marines in 9th Edition 40k and some teasers for all the upcoming CSM releases.

Let’s take a look at the Fallen Rules from White Dwarf 464

fallen detatchmentThis lays the foundation for how you will upgrade detachments to have the new special rules. It’s very similar to Vigilius and Charadon.

fallen stratagemThese are mostly fluff-based additions, most notably swapping around keywords for Chaos Sorcerers and Chaos Rhinos to Imperium and Fallen Angels.

fallen stratagems 2

Without A Trace is fantastic, although a bit restrictive. Making a unit -1 to hit from ranged attacks is very good. However, the requirement to have them all in a terrain feature might be hard depending on the size of the unit and the layout of the table’s terrain.

Ancient Enemy is mostly fluff, just giving a Fallen unit rerolls to wound against Dark Angels for a fight phase. A little niche, but fun.

cypher rulesCypher gains a neat ability if inside the detachment. He prevents opponents from gaining additional CP if the source is within his new Agent of Discord aura.

The aura grows depending on how many Fallen Angels keyword models are nearby, all the way up to a 20″ bubble. This is decent but ultimately not amazing, partially due to the reduction in OP CP generation strategies from 8th edition.

fallen relicsLastly, the White Dwarf includes a Relic. Caliban steel blade is a run-of-the-mill force sword upgrade. It changes the AP to -3 with D3 damage, and on a wound roll of 6+ (this can be a modified rolled) the damage is D6 instead.

Now Khorne players have a lot more to look forward to this summer as there will be dope new Chaos models, and they are not getting overlooked for new rules with the release of the new CSM codex as well!

If you missed the latest few previews from GW, you can get all caught up on those from our coverage below:

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Are you excited for a 40k codex book of just World Eaters? 

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