Ukrainian Soldiers Set 3D STL File Fundraiser

By Travis Pasch | May 13th, 2022 | Categories: 3D Printing, Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors

soldiers sets featureCome see the latest way to score the Ukrainian Soldiers Set and more 3D miniature STL files while helping a cause. 

The hobby maniacs at Reptillian Overlords are rolling out their new Miniature Subscription service, but these are something a little different. You can donate money and the funds will go to the Come Back Alive charity and you’ll get some pretty awesome files. Here’s what you need to know about it, starting with the subscription service.

Subscription Details:

reptillain overlords miniature subGet exactly what you need out of a miniature subscription

Reptilian Overlords

Welcome to the Reptilian Overlords Miniature Subscription! For the past two years, we’ve been creating the highest quality resin miniatures and conversion bits you could find anywhere! Now we’re making those bits available to download and print on your home 3D printer.

Rep Overlords SubWith the Miniature Subscription, you’ll be well-stocked with the best quality bits at a reduced price. Imagine being able to print out entire armies for the cost of a couple of lattes each month.Rep Overlords Sub

Each month we’ll be working on exciting new releases in the Sci-fi and fantasy genres and you’ll be able to follow along and participate in the process in our Development Blog over on the posts page. Your input and participation have really helped make our miniatures better so I love showing you what’s in the works and hearing what you have to say.

Ukrainian Soldiers Set 1: $5.00 (suggested price), you can name your price

soldiers sets


soldiers sets 2


soldiers sets 3


soldiers sets 4Since this is their fundraiser, we’ll let them tell you about it:

This Ukrainian Soldiers set is the first installment in a new series of figures designed to raise funds to help Ukrainians. It’s easy for us to become desensitized to the conflicts happening on the other side of the planet and the suffering of people we’ve never met. By making this an ongoing series, I hope that we can provide you with an additional incentive to continue helping others.  Profits from this set will go toward Come Back Alive, a charitable organization that helps supply Ukrainian armed forces with defensive materials and medical assistance.

Subscribers can also use credits to purchase this product. The price in credits will appear in your shopping cart.

This set includes 3 figures with a 4th optional head included.

That does it for these awesome new files!

Grab Your Files Here!

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