Star Wars: X-Wing Battle of Yavin Scenario Pack Hits Pre-Order!

Star wars x-wing featureIf you want to play out some super cool scenarios, the upcoming Star Wars: X-Wing Battle of Yavin Scenario Pack will be perfect for you!

If you’ve been waiting to get into the game, now is the time! If you’ve already been playing, well, you have been getting tons of options to expand your forces. It’s just a really fun game and now with all the additions, each game will have tons of variety.

The new pack will fly to the tabletop soon as this releases in late October. They also released some of the cards inside, so we will take a look at what to expect. Let’s take a closer look at the announcement from Asmodee:

Star Wars: X-Wing Battle of Yavin Scenario Pack: $24.99

X-Wing Play PackScenario packs are really cool and with 22 cards, new ship bases, and more inside, this will take your games to the next level. If you love Star Wars, check what else is going on with it

The scenario for The Battle of Yavin is a massive engagement where players build squads to a limit of 35 squad points and face off to determine the fate of the Rebellion. The Rebels face an uphill battle against the forces of the Galactic Empire, but with skilled piloting and a few tricks up their sleeves, the Rebels stand a chance of getting a single starfighter in the trench for its attack run. Once a ship has equipped with the Attack Run condition, it can make its approach and attack the exhaust port with its Proton Torpedoes. This is easier said than done, however, as only a precise hit will set off a chain reaction.

Aside from the awesome narrative scenario, The Battle of Yavin also introduces standard loadouts to X-Wing. Standard Loadouts are a new type of ship card that incorporates all of the ship’s abilities and upgrades on a single card. Many standard loadouts have unique abilities and upgrades that aren’t available anywhere else and are built specifically to fly with the other ships in the same Scenario Pack, as well as fitting seamlessly into squads that players have already built to bring new strategies and playstyles to the table!

X-Wing Play Pack 2Here’s everything you get in the pack:

The Battle of Yavin Scenario Pack puts players in the middle of this climatic battle with unique rules that cast one player as the Rebels desperately attempting to destroy the Death Star with a successful trench run and the other player leading the Imperial defense. Featuring 20 new cards that combine pilots and upgrades into a standard loadout, this pack gives players plenty of ways to customize their squadron and experience this thrilling battle over and over again!

Don’t worry though, they also showed off a bunch of the new cards!

Cards Preview:

X-Wing Play Pack 3

Being able to add a selection of prototype TIE Interceptors to the Galactic Empire in this expansion allows us to provide a spread of ships that represents a faithful translation of the movie scene, but also expands upon it using established Star Wars canon from the shows, comics and books. The end result invites players to go beyond the screen and experience the full depth of this iconic battle, while also introducing some exciting new options for all standard games.

Who doesn’t want more TIE fighters in the game? They are just so iconic and fun to see them getting some love.

X-Wing Play Pack 4

“Pops” Krail from Gold Squadron flies into action in a BTL-A4 Y-wing and is fully armed to take on any Imperial threat. The “Hope” ship ability is found across all the Rebel starfighters in this expansion and allows these ships to perform exceptional feats in the Rebellion’s darkest hour. Armed with an Ion Cannon Turret and a powerful pilot ability, “Pops” Krail is prepared to lay it all on the line to buy time for his allies.

Pops ain’t taking no sass this time around! Plus, getting more pilots is always great.

X-Wing Play Pack 5

As we mentioned above, the Battle of Yavin wouldn’t be complete without Darth Vader, and the standard loadout included in this Scenario Pack is primed and ready for combat! This TIE/Advanced x1 has a new pilot ability and trades Vader’s well-known action economy for more consistent damage output. Flown in formation alongside his wingmen, “Backstabber” and “Mauler” Mithel, even the most robust enemy ships will need to respect the sheer power that Vader brings to the fight.

If you have the chance to take Vader, you just take Vader, especially when he has new rules!

X-Wing Play Pack 6

Speaking of robust ships and iconic movie moments, the Millennium Falcon comes late to the party to take us home – piloted by none other than Han Solo. Han has a unique perspective on the battle, and his unorthodox tactics allow his Rebel allies to find openings in the Empire’s defenses that they may not otherwise be able to exploit. While his pilot ability is a huge boon to other friendly ships, the “Solo” ship ability means that Han Solo is equally comfortable in an isolated position and has the ability to survive against uncertain odds.

Well, if they are going to add more stuff for Vader, then you know the Falcon also has to grab upgrades!

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