Warcry: Heart of Ghur Starter Set Pricing CONFIRMED!

warcrys-new-relasesHere is the confirmed pricing for the new Warcry: Heart of Ghur Starter Set on a two-week pre-order- check it out!

Get those hobby dollars ready if you want any of these pre-orders from Games Workshop that will go up for pre-order with your favorite retailers on Saturday, July 30th, 2022, around 1 pm EST! Just keep in mind that, again, this will be a two-week pre-order.

Warcry: Heart of Ghur Starter Set Pricing CONFIRMED!

This is really the only thing on pre-order this week, and while it is a starter set, the price is a little high, but hey, you do get a bunch of new minis inside.

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Warcry: Heart of Ghur Starter Set $230

Warcry Heart of Ghur full box

Everyone’s favourite game of brutal skirmish combat in the Mortal Realms ramps up the carnage with Warcry: Heart of Ghur. This is a new and revamped edition, and has a two-week pre-order window. The boxed contains two incredible new warbands – all set to battle across rope bridges and bamboo barricades between the carnivorous trees of the Gnarlwood, with the help of some tasty new rules.

Two-week pre-order window! meaning we won’t see this actually release until we are into August.

Horns of Hashut warband

Straight from the festering fens to the north of the Gnarlwood, the Rotmire Creed head to the Ravening Ruin of Talaxis to hunt for the ingredients for their elixir of immortality. The industrious Horns of Hashut, on the other hand, bring the flame and fury of their dark god to Ghur. looking to level its lush greenery to make way for their forge fires.

Both of the new warbands look great with unique designs and characters.

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the Rotmire Creed warbandThe Nurgle-like swamp men face off against the noticeably better-equipped Horns of Hashut, but can they still win? Probably!

Warcry Heart of Ghur terrain

Heart of Ghur contains 20 finely detailed plastic miniatures, along with 18 pieces of new Gnarlwood-themed scenery, and a double-sided game board, as well as all the cards, tokens, dice, and accessories you need to play.

The new Ghur terrain will be perfect for AoS and Warcry alike in the realm of beasts.

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