Awesome New Grey Knights JOYTOY Action Figures Revealed!

JOYTOY grey knightsThe new Grey Knights JOYTOY action figures are some of the best looking we’ve seen yet- check out the reveal from JOYTOY themselves!

If you’ve been looking for something to spice up your collection, these new Warhammer 40k JOYTOY action figures might be perfect! While they aren’t up for sale quite yet, they are awesome! These actually are some of the coolest we’ve seen yet, so if you play Grey Knights, keep your eyes open for the release date!

We’ll first take a look at what you can order right now, then we’ll jump into the new stuff!

New JOYTOY Orks, Outriders, Bjorn, and Ragnar are Orderable in the US!

Joytoy new wave

Joytoy new wave 2

You can get all of the above from Entertainment Earth right now or Sideshow, but we’ll also take a closer look at some of them. The nice part is now you can a bunch of different chapters, vehicles, and even DKoK!

You can click any of the links below to go grab yours now!

Grey Knights New JOYTOY 40k Action Figures Revealed!

All these all come from Twitter.

We also saw pictures of the dread recently (we’ll have some pics below), but together as a group, they are just amazing!

Grey Knights JOYTOYUnfortunately, they didn’t really say much about the release date or anything like that, but usually, we see them show up somewhere in about a month after the first pics (hopefully sooner).

Grey Knights JOYTOY 2This is the biggest banner we’ve seen, and they did a pretty decent job with it, but like with all of these, if you want, you could repaint it.

JOYTOY grey knights

GW-action-figures-entrainment-earthClick Here To Get Your 40k Action Figures!

JOYTOY grey knights 2That hammer is about to smash some daemons, and just in time for their new codex to drop! Just be sure you bring this guy to your battles for good luck.

New Grey Knights JOYTOY Dreadnought Spotted!

Grey Knights DreadnoughtRevealed online, this is just a super cool figure with plenty of Grey Knight insignia and stuff everywhere. Plus, you get an extra fist, which gives you more options, and you need more articulation and bits for the price!

Grey Knights Dreadnought 2However, when you look at this, it does look an awful lot like the previous one with a new paint job and extra bits.

grey knights joytoy action figure dreadnought


JOYTOY Dreadnought 9As you can see, even the words on the left side are the same on both models, the guns and fists are the same, and basically everything else. There are a few small differences, like the leg decorations, the light, and a few other small details. Either way, if you play Grey Knights, might as well pick one up!

Click Here To Get JOYTOY From Entertainment Earth or Sideshow Collectibles

Are you picking any of these new JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Action Figures up? What is your favorite?

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