How to Paint Grim Dark Skin: Lil’ Legend Tutorial

Skin how to paintLearn how to paint Grim Dark Skin with this easy and awesome Horus Heresy painting tutorial from Lil’ Legend Studio.

Lil’ Legend Studio has a ton of great painting tutorials, and they are always easy to follow and get your minis on the table with awesome quality.

This time around, we’re focusing on getting your Grimdark minis for Warhammer or Horus Heresy ready for the tabletop! Now that the new edition of HH is here, it’s time to get ready and your forces painted. Let’s jump into the tutorial!

How to Paint Grim Dark Skin: Lil’ Legend Tutorial

Skin how to paint 2He will also be painting the book simultaneously, but we’ll mainly focus on the skin aspect (but still give some tips for painting the book). To start, he puts Rhinox Hide onto the book as a Base coat and Cadian Fleshtone for the skin. Next, he layers Coal-black onto the shadows before the Cadian dries and mixes in a deep red for some speckles and such.

Now, this is all a little bit of wet blending, so before both those dry, he paints Ice Yellow onto the highest points to show sweat.

Step 2:

Skin how to paint 3Once that’s dry, he turns Rhinox Hide into a glaze and paints that all over the face to help bring everything together. Now, he moves on to Sunny Skin Tone and highlights the parts where the sun would actually hit the skin.

Step 3:

Skin how to paint 4For the speckle highlights, he blends Ice Yellow and Thunderhawk blue. With this, he hits just the very top highlights of the skin. Do not go overboard here, it’s just a very thin highlight over the top of the most raised edges. And that’s really it for the skin!

It takes some wet blending techniques, but overall is quick and will get you some amazing-looking skin tones.

Finished Model

Skin how to paint 5Be sure to watch the whole thing if you also want all the tips on how to paint the book and other details.

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What’s your favorite way to paint Grimdark skin?

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