Sneaky GItz: How to Paint Goblins Disguised as Clownfish

By Travis Pasch | August 2nd, 2022 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors, painting miniatures, Videos

Clownfish GoblinsThis is a little different, but hey, if you want some wild goblins, why not learn how to paint them disguised as clownfish?

Goobertown Hobbies is a great content creator with interesting takes on the hobby. Whether it’s a collaboration with other hobby YouTubers or a challenge for himself, he has a broad range of topics he covers. Since he has so much great content, why not check out what else he has done?

In this week’s tutorial, he is going over something quite different but really fun! If you want to convert up and paint some goblins into fish, this tutorial is for you!

Let’s check it out!

How to Paint Goblins Disguised as Clownfish

Clownfish Goblins 2He starts with a night goblin archer and uses a bunch of green stuff to extend his robe to look like a clownfish onesie! He’s trying to match what a clownfish looks like and ends with a little divot for the mouth. Be sure to let this dry all the way.

After it’s dry, he comes back with some Vallejo plastic putty to fill in gaps and cracks.

Step 1:

Clownfish Goblins 3He primes them white and does a spray mix of Incursion Orange and Lava Orange from the Army Painter.

Step 2:

Clownfish Goblins 4Then, he does the easy stuff in the base coats with green for the skin and brown for the bows and such. Now, it’s time to paint some stripes. He starts with a light gray to block out the stripes. He then traces the white lines with a black micron pen and blocks in two eyes. He also does a dark green wash of the faces here as well.

Step 3:

Clownfish Goblins 5To highlight the robes, he uses a red-brown flesh wash in the deepest folds. Then, switches to a bright orange-yellow to highlight the robes and gave them beady red eyes and point teeth!

Finished Models:

Clownfish Goblins 6You may find yourself asking why at this point. Well, a goblin circus is coming to town, and he’s painting these up for an upcoming project with other creators. Sugar Candy Miniatures is painting up a whole army of clown-inspired goblins, and these will be part of it!

If you are curious about what he has to say and for more details on the techniques, watch the full video above! Also, be sure to Subscribe to Goobertown Hobbies if you enjoy his content!

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