The Riddler & Followers Hit Pre-Order From Knight Models!

The Riddler featureThe Riddler and his followers are finally coming to the Batman Miniature Game- check out what you can score with this pre-order!

Whether you’re looking for heroes or villains, Knight Models always has something for you! Their line of DC minis is starting to get insane, so basically, any character that’s your favorite, they have it. This release is the perfect example of that.

The new miniatures are something the community has been asking about for a long time, so if you need to confuse the world, this is going to be the release for you. This is based on “The Batman” and all the models are just super cool. Plus, even if you don’t play the game, they are cool enough to be used for other alternatives or would just make for a fun painting project, check it out!

The Riddler (The Batman): 20,62 €

The Riddler

This is really cool and will add a ton of flavor to your games in no time. This just hit pre-order, so don’t wait around and miss out!

  • It can be cruel, poetic, or blind, but when it’s denied, it’s violence you may find.
  • The Riddler in the new Batman movie is a sadistic and cold man who differs from most of the Batman villains in that he is not a psychopathic killer or one with severe mental problems, he is only somewhat narcissistic due to his enormous ego. Discover this detailed miniature that will look amazing in all your games. This Riddler will be the perfect Boss for his own crew.
  • 1 detailed thermoplastic miniature ready to assemble and paint.
  • 1 40 mm plastic base.

The Followers (The Batman): 24,75 €

The Riddler 2

The Riddler 4

  • The Riddler’s followers admire his incredible riddles. This crew will be perfect to use with Riddler and defeat his rival through the control of his ruthless strategies.
  • 3 detailed thermoplastic miniatures are ready to assemble and paint.
  • 3 30 mm plastic bases.

The RiddlerThat does it for this one; now go get some great-looking BMG minis!

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