Worth Millions, Han Solo’s Blaster Hitting Auction Soon!

Blaster featureIf you have a lot of cash (and we mean probably a ton) you might be able to score Han Solo’s Blaster from A New Hope!

This is the last remaining (at least certified) blaster from the movie and it is hitting the auction floor on Aug. 26-28. The archetype BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster might be one of the most iconic pieces you can actually score from the 1977 movie. 

As we said though, we expect this to go for an insane amount considering a model (used in the movie) of an X-Wing recently went for $2.3 Million, which we’ll also take a look at! That’s right, so, who knows if this goes for more or not? Either way, it’s not going to be cheap!

Han Solo’s Blaster From A New Hope Going on Auction Soon!

Han Solo BlasterThis comes from the Rock Island Auction, and not only will you get the last surviving blaster, but you’ll also grab a signed photo from Harrison Ford. Here’s what they have to say about the blaster:

There has been endless speculation as to the whereabouts of Han Solo’s blaster from “A New Hope,” and Tony Watts ends that with a letter of provenance about the Mauser C96, its scope, and the blaster’s history. This monumental and iconic firearm is a piece of Hollywood film-making history  — the on-screen blaster of a cocksure smuggler who gets involved in fighting the Empire — that propelled epic science fiction and the summer blockbuster into the movie-watching public’s conscience.

Han Solo’s BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster will be available in Rock Island Auction Company’s Aug. 26-28 Premier Auction and may not come around again to public auction, so may the Force be with the many movie buffs, film historians, and firearms collectors who clamor for this long-lost piece of “Star Wars” memorabilia.

Han Solo Blaster 2As we said, this is just really cool, and we’ll keep an eye on the auction as we want to know how much money this will go for! With that in mind, let’s check out the X-Wing that brought in over 2 million!

This X-Wing Flew Through the Roof!

What is there to say? This is just insane, and it might be a good indication of how much the blaster will go for. It’s also interesting to think George Lucas had a 9 million dollar budget for the movie and this lone model went for about a quarter of the entire budget (not counting for inflation, obviously). So who knows, maybe someone will have another two million-dollar movie prop soon!

If you’re looking to score your own blaster for a price that is way more affordable, there are a ton of toy and prop replicas for sale on Amazon for under $50. The one below even comes with its display!

han solo blaster

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 How much would you pay to have Han Solo’s Blaster from a new hope, and what do you think it will sell for?

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