All the Best Warhammer 40k Vehicle Proxies & Alternatives

Deamonslayer-knight bannerCheck out our favorite Warhammer 40k vehicle proxies and alternatives that really make your army stand out on the tabletop or shelf!

These are obviously not everything out there, but as we’ve been at a lot of tournaments lately, these are the ones we’ve seen the most of, and they are just really cool. so, if you’ve been shopping around without much luck looking for that new hobby project, these might just be perfect!

Let’s check out some of our favorite Warhammer 40k vehicle proxies and alternatives!

Ogre Mech Suit- Custom Builder: £12.50

Ogre Mech suitConsidering this is a custom builder, the model above is just one of the many options you can make! There are different armor, legs, arms, and more! That way, you can really get down and dirty and create whatever you want. If you love Anvil Industry, check out what else they have been up to!

Ogre Mech suit 2Here’s what they have to say about the new model:

  • Customize your OGRE Mech Suit with your choice of multiple load-outs and different poses for arms and legs, as well as backpack extras!
  • This kit contains enough parts to build 1 OGRE Suit.
  • The OGRE stands at 45mm tall and suits a 40mm/50mm base.

Ogre Mech suit 3Just a really cool mini overall.

MK II DeamonSlayer-Knight Multipart Miniature Kit From Arma Mechanatus:

deamonslayer knight 3

deamonslayer knight


deamonslayer knight 2


DeamonSlayer-KnightThe multipart kit of the DeamonSlayer-Knight can be assembled in a wide range of poses and has many weapons and customization options.

  • The kit contains a total of 72 parts.
  • Fully assembled it stands 11cm tall.

Perfect as a centerpiece for your tabletop army, as a cool display piece on your desk, or even as parts for use in your conversions!

It’s a very cool kit that can be converted up and used for a number of things from Warsuits to Dreads and more.  The model itself is about 150ml of resin and takes roughly 6 Anycubic Photon-sized printing plates about 24 total hours to produce. We’ve seen these a decent amount, and man, they look awesome on the table!

antonis-dreadknight-conversionThere is also a conversion kit that fits on the current Dreadknight model as well that you can order by clicking here.

Puppetswar Prime Battlewalker: $60.11

Prime BattlewalkersFor the price, this is almost insane! As it’s only $60 and you get a full-sized Knight on the table, pretty hard to beat for the price.

Prime Battlewalkers 2This stands 150mm tall, meaning it will make a perfect 40k alternative, and again, it’s under half the price.

Prime Battlewalkers 3Not only is it huge, but it’s also a really cool mini that would really make your army stand out!

Sci-Fi ATV Miniature From Dark Age Designs:

Sci-Fi ATV - Dark Age Designs front



Sci-Fi ATV - Dark Age Designs angleThis multi-part kit is simply incredible! It’s hard to beat a mini this great looking. Even if you don’t play an army that can use it, it would still be an interesting project to paint up.

When these are printed out, they really look amazing! There is so much detail on every little surface here that they for a really fun project that you can let your imagination run wild with. 

Sci-Fi ATV - Dark Age Designs compareHere you can see that the ATV is fully compatible with other vendors’ 28mm heroic scale parts and kits (just cooler looking).

GCPS TAD65 Hornet Dropship From Mantic: $45

Enforcer gunship 2

This could be used for so many awesome alternatives, and basically anything imperial or Space Marine, this would work great for!

Enforcer gunship

It just looks really cool and for the price, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find something like this for under $50!

Enforcer gunship 3

This isn’t even the only flyer they have!

Enforcer Arbiter Interceptor: $50

Enforcer gunship 4Again, just another awesome alternative that could fill in for so many units, and for only $50, it’s hard to beat the sculpt!

Heavy Mortar Battery: $65.99

Victoria's MortarsThese are some of the coolest mortars on the market, and considering they are hand-crafted boutique resin pieces, you know the detail is going to be amazing!

Victoria's Mortars 2You can see they are sized perfectly to be used as 40k alternatives, and when you throw these bad boys on the table, your opponent might just start fleeing.

Matilda Tank: $74.99


Here are the specs on this one:

4 turret cannon options included:
-Tank Slayer Cannon
-Battle Cannon
-Nuclear Fire Cannon
-Twin Auto Cannon

2 hull gun options included:
-Laser Cannon
-Heavy Bolter

Nb. The matilda tanks have insets to accept magnets 1/4 inch diameter x 1/32 inch thick. Two can be used for the turret mount and four can be used for each of the removable sponson side panels.

Boss Battle TankVictoria Miniatures has some really cool boutique resin miniatures! This Boss tank with a female crewman is just one example of their awesome vehicles. This might be our favorite from them, but they have a ton to choose from. 

Chapter Specific Impulsor Kits- Full Rhinoback Upgrade: $29.99

Chapter Specific Impulsor kitsWhile this isn’t a full vehicle kit, we’ve seen these all over the place and they always look great!

We’ve used a ton of their kits in the past and they always fit on without much work and are super high-quality. If you want an easy conversion to set your Impulsors apart, this is perfect! If you love what Pop Goes the Monkey is up to, check out some of their other stuff here!

This conversion kit is meant to fit the Primaris Impulsor model kit (Not the Repulsor kit). We kept the standard “Top-Hatch” fitting of our Rhino Chassis parts so, this kit will allow you to incorporate many of our other conversation parts like missile launchers and turret weapons.

The front plate replaces the associated part of the Impulsor kit, but the rest of the parts like the crew compartment and vehicle insignias are simply added to your model. The best part is that our branded tailgate slots into a working hinge on the back section of the crew compartment. It can open and once it’s closed, it snaps into place.

Impulsor Front Plate: $15.99

Impulsor front plateIf you don’t want to do too big of a conversion, these work great. Just with the front plate, you will give your tanks a totally different feel.

Branding Kits: $19.99

Impulsor kits

These components are designed to be able to fit the Primaris Impulsor kit to give your model a unique look. The front plate replaces the associated part of the Impulsor kit. This kit also includes a set of add-on vehicle insignia to fit the open area on either side of the vehicle. 

What’s your favorite Vehicle alternatives Warhammer 40k?

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