New Chapter-Specific Eternus Kits Available Now!

chapter specific eternus kitsUpgrade your battlesuits with these insane Chapter-Specific Eternus Kits that you can score from our 3D Marketplace right now!

If you’re looking to make your army stand out, well, then these are the kits for you! Not only will they show your chapter pride, but they will also make your already awesome Eternus set just that much cooler. Plus, with our free shipping options, it gets even better!

If you don’t have the initial Eternus kit, you can check that out here, and you can’t go wrong for the price. These kits really let you show off your chapter pride, so why not pick a couple up?



Eternus Assault Armors are the main assault mech used by all the chapels of Battle Brothers across the Galaxy. Only the greatest warriors can be selected as pilots but at a great cost, they must renounce their humanity and be permanently hardwired into the Assault Armor’s chassis for the countless eons of its service.

Eternus 2

This conversation kit comes with a collection of armor pieces and extra bits that are designed to work with and fit onto your Eternus Assault Armor multipart kit*. These pieces will replace the corresponding part of the Eternus kit gives your model that unique branded look that will fit right into your army.


Eternus 3This is for the same chapter above, but with some cool little differences like the head and some of the heraldry.

Eternus 4

  • All products are printed to a 25-micron standard using high-quality cured resin. Just like any miniature kit it is unfinished, comes unpainted, and unassembled attached to its support structure from the production process.
  • Parts are pre-cleaned and ready for primer once removed. Basic hobby skills and tools are required to finish this model. Plastic bases are not included.
  • The image shown is the stock photo of the rendered miniature while painted models are for reference only, and not included.


Eternus 5Last but not least is the Hydra Legion! Just another awesome kit to make your Eternus that much better!

Eternus ArmorAs you can see, when you build this up, it just looks awesome!

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