Get $5 OFF This Stunning 3DArtGuy Viking Knight Miniature!

Save some cash and get the 3DArtGuy Viking Knight Miniature in super-strong void resin that’s only available for a limited time!

If you love heroes of the highest order for a nice price, then this is the deal for you! Pre-Order now and save $5 off any of the poses or bundle deals.

There are three versions of the Viking Knight kit (including a display scale version), or you can always grab the bundle and save even more on it. Plus, you can also grab an epic duel bundle between the Viking Knight and the First Knight for even more hobby fun!

Get $5 OFF This Stunning 3DArtGuy Viking Knight Miniature!

viking knight 3We are only doing one batch of printing for these minis this fall, so they will be EXTREMELY limited from us and are sure to sell out fast! Pre-Order now to save $5 on any of these poses or bundles, and be the first to get it!

Viking Knight Command Pose: $5 Off

viking knightThis may be the miniature we’ve always wanted! Do not miss 3DArtGuy’s awesome design! A multipart kit of his Patreon Exclusive- will be made for you on a high-quality resin printer.

  • Command Pose: This is a 10-piece multi-part kit, including two different heads, two long swords, and one axe for different poses.
These miniatures work great for games like Warhammer 40k, Infinity, Warcaster, and many more!
Gif-void resinIt’s printed to a 25-micron standard in our new Void Resin that makes 3d prints feel and act more like plastic, plus the strength benefits are amazing.

Viking Knight Attack Pose: $5 Off

viking knight 2

  • Attack Pose: This is a 14-piece multi-part kit, including two different heads, along with two different battle axe arms, a long spear to be held by both hands, a double barrel blaster, a long sword, and various arms for multiple different poses.

Display Scale: $5 Off

viking knight 4

  • Display Scale 100mm (about 4″ tall) Command Pose Display scale models are NOT designed for use in wargames, and it is recommended for use as a fun painting project, or even for terrain!

Epic Duel Bundle $5 Off

viking knight 5

  • Epic Duel Bundle: Save $20! This bundle will include a Viking Knight Attack Pose and a First Knight Miniature Attack Pose to recreate your own drunken brawling knights!

We are an official licensee of 3DArtGuy. Miniatures Sales & Marketing Contracted Though Spikey Bits and Fulfilled By Slicer LLC.  You can get printable .STL files from 3DArtGuy are here. or support him on Patreon for monthly releases. Sign up below to get the discount code!

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