GW Drops Four New FAQs for Horus Heresy

horus-heresy-faqGW just dropped four Horus Heresy FAQs for the new edition, including changes for the core rules, Astartes, Hereticus, and Mechanicum.

Games Workshop has released a lot of FAQs, but this is the first of the FAQs for the new edition of Horus Heresy, so interesting to see what they think is worth changing. The most interesting stuff is probably the core rules. If you want to see everything for yourself, you can download all of them here.

We’ll cover some of the big changes here for you, but since there is so much, we won’t take a look at everything. If you play the game, it’s good to look and see what’s changing.

Before we get into it, though, GW actually said they took the recommendations from HH players to make these changes.

GW Drops 4 New Horus Heresy FAQs

Horus Heresy FAQ

From Warhammer Community, here’s what they have to say about the FAQs:

And speaking of the Legiones Astartes document, we’ve taken the opportunity to update this based on feedback from Warhammer: The Horus Heresy players, which we’re always happy to receive. If you have any such feedback on the rules or miniatures, especially when informed by games you’ve played, we’d love to hear it via heresyfaq@gwplc.com.

Horus Heresy FAQ 2Starting with the core rules, there are a bunch of questions being asked which makes sense. One thing to consider, since this is the first FAQ for HH, the “changes” are just in black, and we’ll later see the colors coming in.

One of the biggest changes might be that Shroud is getting totally reworked.

Horus Heresy FAQ 3Next up is Mechanicum; the errata adds a ton of extra special rules to the book and more keywords.

Horus Heresy FAQ 4From there, we have the heretics, again a lot of it is just a lot of special rules thrown in, points adjusted, and some added profiles.

Horus Heresy FAQ 5Last but not least are the Loyalists; they actually have some bigger changes to unit entries. The Lascutter profile is changing to match the other one, and then a lot of the Primarch special rules are changing.

You can download all four of the new FAQs here.

What do you think about the new Horus Heresy FAQs and rules changes?

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