How to Fix “Broken” Armies Like Leagues of Votann Day 1

There’s actually a very simple way to fix broken armies like Leagues of Votann day 1 for tournament play, and people used to do it!

Obviously, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not the Leagues should be banned (even though not all the models are out), but with this strategy, we wouldn’t even need to worry about it.

Update: Games Workshop put out a FAQ already for the Leagues of Votann which you can read the complete breakdown of by clicking here

How to Fix “Broken” Armies Like Leagues of Votann Day 1

Leagues of Votann codex

It’s actually super simple, you ban leagues and every new army released from tournaments for 30 days or until GW puts out their FAQ for them! This used to be a standard, as it lets people learn the rules, see how they play out in more friendly games, and, most importantly, lets GW hopefully NERF or correct any issues with how well a new army may play.

Generally, GW nerfs armies about 30 days after releasing a codex (it happens quite often) so this would play out quite well with the normal GW timeline.

To us, it seems like if you had a standard of banning every new army for 30 days, there would be no debate. Every tournament goer would just know for a fact that the army wouldn’t be played. This would help people figure out how to play against the army and let GW throw down the NERF if needed.

On top of that, it would keep tournaments more varied for players. A lot of players simply go to tournaments to play against new people and play against different armies. Instead of playing against 50% of the same army, this would help with variety.

As we said, tournaments used to do this; while it hurts GW profits for selling new armies, it makes the games better for the players. Especially since the real issue is tournament play and not just friendly games (but those could be equally frustrating).

It’s a simple policy to enforce, and if all the bigger tournaments did it, there would be no discussion; everyone would just know not to bring the army. With that one thing, none of this would even be an issue.

What do you think, tournaments just putting a 30-day ban on all new codexes?

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