How to Paint Horus Heresy Iron Warriors

Iron Warriors how to paintCheck out how to paint Horus Heresy Iron Warriors with this dope and easy-to-follow Fauxhammer painting tutorial.

Fauxhammer has some amazing hobby content, and if you need some sweet tips, you should follow him to get up on all your painting and conversion techniques!

This time around, he paints up some awesome Iron warriors with some great dust effects and more. Let’s check it out!

How to Paint Horus Heresy Iron Warriors

Iron Warriors how to paint 2He actually kitbashed this, printed some 3d parts, and primed it all black. So while this isn’t a normal marine, you can make yours like this with a little creativity. Let’s see how to paint it up!

Step 1:

Iron Warriors how to paint 3He starts with Rhinox Hide through the airbrush as an initial basecoat. Next, he takes Blue Steel from Darkstar and dry brushes this onto the entirety of the mini. Next up, he drybrushes Silver from Vallejo onto the majority of the model.

Step 2:

Iron Warriors how to paint 4Next, he takes Eshin Grey and blocks out all the areas that will be black, like the shoulder pads and such. After that, he takes Black Templar and does another layer on everything he wants to be black.

For the hazard stripes on the leg, he blocks them out with tape and will paint them yellow in the next step.

Step 3:

Iron Warriors how to paint 5To paint the hazard stripes, he starts with Xv-88, then moves up to Averland Sunset and Flash Gitz Yellow. After that, he does a dry brush of Corax White over all the silver.

Step 4:

Iron Warriors how to paint 6For the weathering, he thins down Streaking Grime with mineral spirits and does this over the whole model.

He then takes a Q-tip, pulls off the grime where he doesn’t want it and leaves it in all the recesses. For the eyes, he starts with a black basecoat and moves up in color from dark red to yellow. Then finishes it off with Bold Titanium White.

Step 5:

Iron Warriors how to paint 7For the base, he starts with Agrellan Earth and puts that everywhere other than right next to the feet. Next, he moves to Geek Gaming Scenics glue and puts it everywhere the Agrellan Earth isn’t. He then dips it into Mars Earth, and it will pigment the legs for you.

However, if you want more control, you can then apply some rust to the rest of the base and on the feet.

Finished Model

Iron Warriors how to paint 8As you can see, this looks great and really didn’t take too much time!

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