How to Speed Paint Ultramarines: Painting Tutorial

Speed paint UltramarinesLearn how to speed paint Ultramarines Space Marines about as fast as possible while still getting great results in this painting tutorial!

Space Marines are always the featured army from GW, so there is no better time to paint up your forces! If you’re planning on going with this chapter, you’ll need to get good at painting blue, and this tutorial will help you tackle the steps literally almost as fast as you can!

This is seriously about painting them fast, so if you want your army done in a week, this is the tutorial!

Let’s see how to do it.

How to Speed Paint Ultramarines: Painting Tutorial

Speed paint Ultramarines 2Max starts out by spraying the marine Ultramarine Blue from the Army Painter because you can just spray it on with the can. Obviously, this isn’t going to be the cleanest paint job ever, but he’s used this method to paint an entire army in a week.

Step 1:

Speed paint Ultramarines 3Next, he takes the color match blue from the army Painter and cleans up any areas he needs from the spray. Next, he breaks out the Balthazar Gold and hits all the gold trim with it. Then he takes Silver and hits all the areas, such as the gun and such. He does the gold and silver first because they take the longest.

Step 2:

Speed paint Ultramarines 4To break up some of the big silver and blue areas, he hits all the vents with Dark Reaper  Then he moves to Skrag Brown and for all the pouches and things like that and lays down a good basecoat.

For the purity seals, he paints them with Skeleton Bone and Mephiston Red. He also decided to paint the insignia on the shoulder, but you can also just put on a decal. All you have to do is paint a little circle with a line running across the top and then a smaller one inside with the blue from before.

Step 3:

Speed paint Ultramarines 5Now, it’s time to shade. For color, he uses Agrax Earthshade and shades the entire mini with it! You can also use the Quickshade from the Army Painter, which has a similar feel. Next, he takes the model off the temporary “painting” base and puts it on a base he finished up from another tutorial for it.

The last step is to paint the eyes. He paints his bright green and then highlights them with yellow.

Finished Model:

Speed paint Ultramarines 6On its own, it’s not the most amazing, but when you have an entire army painted like this, they look awesome! Plus it takes no time to pound out a whole army to this standard.

That does it for this one! If you want to see more, check out Hellfire Hobbies’ own tutorial by clicking this link here.

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