New Alternative Stormcast Dragon Breath Bases Are Fire!

Storm Dragon breath BaseMake your Stormcast look amazing with the new alternative Stormcast Dragon Breath Bases available from Deadly Print Studio!

If you want to make your dragons stand out, these physical prints and STLs might be exactly what you’re looking for! We’ve loved all the bits we’ve seen from them before, and they just fit on so easily that it makes them a no-brainer.

You can grab these as printed pieces and STLs, meaning you can take advantage of them whether you have a printer or not. Since there are so many Stormcast armies out there, you can use awesome bits like these to set your army apart.

If you need some of the bits scaled up, or a large amount of them, you can also contact Deadly Print Studios, and they’ll work with you on getting it done.

But enough talking, let’s jump into the bits!


Storm Dragon breath Base 2


Storm Dragon breath Base 5They actually have two different effects you can pick from, so you can either go with small or large or just get both and vary the look of your forces up. If you love what Deadly Print is up to, check out what else they have going on here


Storm Dragon breath Base 3


Storm Dragon breath Base 4Here’s what they have to say about the bundle, but you will get both sizes with this, just something to keep in mind.

  • No more clear flying sticks! It’s time for dragon fire! This epic base give an amazing to this miniatures!  Pre-supported
  • 2 fire bases ( short and long) and all Pre supported versions included. ABS model to cover flying stick included too.
  • Juan Pedro worked in Games of Throne season 7 episode 6 (Beyond the Wall), here he tried to replicate the feel and look of the dragon breath!

That does it for this one; now go get yourself some awesome bases!

Click Here to Get Your Stormcast Dragon Breath Bases! 

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