Stock Up With Townsfolk Miniature Pack For Your RPG Games

townsfolk pack featureThe new Townsfolk Miniature Pack From Dungeons & Lasers will make for perfect D&D characters or fantasy alternatives!

For the price (less than a dollar a mini), this is a really hard deal to beat for any D&D players out there! The models are 5E compatible as well, so there is nothing to worry about with that.

This is the perfect start if you want a big campaign (or just tons of variety in your townsfolk); plus, even if you just want some for dioramas or alternatives, this pack has basically everything inside. Let’s take a closer look at the pack.

Townsfolk Miniature Pack: $59

townsfolk packThis is on pre-order now, but will be released very soon! So might as well go secure your box before they sell out. If you love what Archon Studio is up to, check out what else they have been releasing!

townsfolk pack 2Here’s what they have to say about this set:

Meet your neighbors!

The cheerful citizens of your beloved town – guards, craftsmen, scholars, and children. Every one of them can take part in your next adventure. Follow their quests or bring them into the fray together with your party.

townsfolk pack 3There is so much inside this box, but check out everything you can score:

The box contains 62 townsfolk miniatures with scenic bases, including:

  • 1x Grave Digger
  • 1x Merchant
  • 1x Innkeeper
  • 1x Tavern Maid
  • 1x Blacksmith
  • 1x Noble Man
  • 1x Noble Lady
  • 1x Scholar
  • 1x Male Dwarf
  • 1x Washerwoman
  • 1x Child with a Cape
  • 1x Elf Wizard
  • 1x Knight Lady
  • 1x Beggar
  • 1x Peddler
  • 1x Rat Folk
  • 1x Construct
  • 1x Tommy the Ghost
  • 1x Snake Charmer
  • 1x Dwarf Woman
  • 1x Armand
  • 2x Mounted Guard A
  • 2x Female Mounted Guard B
  • 2x Mounted Guard C
  • 2x Swordsman A
  • 2x Swordsman B
  • 2x Swordsman C
  • 2x Swordsman D
  • 2x Female Swordsman E
  • 2x Swordsman F
  • 2x Pole Guard A
  • 2x Pole Guard B
  • 2x Pole Guard C
  • 2x Pole Guard D
  • 2x Pole Guard E
  • 2x Female Pole Guard F
  • 2x Ranged Guard A
  • 2x Ranged Guard B
  • 2x Female Ranged Guard C
  • 2x Ranged Guard D
  • 2x Ranged Guard E

townsfolk pack 4That does it for this one, now go get some awesome minis!

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