Problems With The New Star Wars Battle Force Box Sets

star wars legion battle force starter setProblems have been reported with the new Star Wars: Legion Battle Force Box Sets; here’s what to do if you have an issue.

These Battle Force boxes themselves have a decent amount of value inside, but it looks like there have been some annoying problems with the boxes. Due to reported missing component issues, most notably with the 501st legion box that has already been released, we’re going to look at how to get refunds or replacements depending on where you spent your hobby dollars.

Problems With Star Wars: Legion Battle Force Box Sets

We received an advanced copy of the Blizard Force box, and we can confirm there were omitted components, and one set of Arc Troopers in our 501st box we purchased was also missing one set of flight stands.

This image is from the Miniature Market Website, where the 501st Legion Battleforce box has already gotten some unflattering reviews:

Star Wars legion battle force issues

Apparently, Asmodee/Atomic Mass Games is aware of the issues and has delayed the Blizzard Force release and double-checked the Echo Base Defenders to ensure all components all included. Our sources have also told us that Asmodee is referring to their posted return policies to resolve issues with missing components from these sets. 

How to Return/ Exchange Star Wars Legion Battle Forces

If you bought it from a local store, go back to that store to exchange it. However, if you bought it from the Asmodee webstore, you’ll have to contact them.

Take a look at their FAQs below for a better idea of what to do.

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza 4According to the Asmodee FAQ page (and if you have any questions beyond what we show), you can either inquire with your local game store (if you bought it from there) or email Asmodee directly at: customerservice@asmodeena.com

Local Store Purchases:

I bought my game at a local game or toy store. What do I do if it is missing a component or is damaged?

Return to the store where you originally purchased the game with proof of purchase, and they will be able to request a replacement copy of the game from Asmodee USA or their distributor. When they receive it, you will be able to exchange your defective copy for the new one, subject to availablity and store policy. For issues unrelated to missing or damaged components, your store’s regular return/exchange policies will apply.

Just to note here, unless they are replacements sent from Asmodee to your local store with everything intact, do not just exchange your Battle Force, as you may just get another box that is missing components again. Make sure you get a new replacement copy of any Battle Force Box (that should be complete) if you do an exchange.

From Asmodee Webstore:

I bought my game from Asmodee USA directly at a convention or one of their wholly owned web stores, including FFG, Z-Man, and Asmodee USA’s web store. What do I do if it is missing a component or is damaged?

Please visit that webstore where you originally made the purchase and locate the “Customer Service” section for further assistance with your issue.

If you want to look at their full Asmodee return policy, you can see that here.

Unfortunately, there have been these issues with the Star Wars Legion Battle Force Box Sets. However, Atomic Mass Games is just getting their feet wet with handling the Star Wars properties they inherited from Fantasy Flight Games.

Realistically some growing pains are to be expected when whole departments change companies. So we will just wait and see how the enthusiastic AMG handles these issues going forward through their publisher Asmodee.

    Did you have problems with your Star Wars Legion Battle Force boxes? 

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