Top 40k Homebrew Army List: Smite Club Open

40k-homebrew-army-listsOrks are trailing behind the best armies as a new homebrew Warhammer 40k army list emerged at the Smite Club Open!

9th Edition’s meta is again in flux, but some players take lists with units that nobody expected. Check out this awesome homebrew list that emerged in a tournament over the weekend. This shows us that sometimes it’s more about the general’s skill than what you play.

Smite Club Open: Top 40k Homebrew Army List

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at the event as if we were all there ourselves. 

If you wanted to see the names and factions of the overall winners, we’ve included that below.

Smite Club Open 2022 top 8

However, we aren’t covering all those lists. Instead, we will look at just one of our favorites this week.

Smite Club Open: Benjamin Jurek – Orks 4th Place

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Benjamin Jurek 1

Benjamin’s Ork list was a single battalion led by a Beastboss on Squigosaur, Boss Zagstruk, and a Weirdboy. The boy provides psychic support, while the Beastboss has a fantastic statline and buffs nearby units with +1 to hit. Zagstruk, on the other hand, is quite mobile and even has a bonus range to Warboss abilities.

Troops bring in 20 Beast Snaggas to benefit from the Beastboss and 20 Gretchin for some cheap bodies.

Benjamin Jurek 2

Elites bring the pain with 30 Kommandos as more durable and deadly Orks, along with 8 Meganobz, which can spray down any chaff that’s needed.

Fast Attack has 9 Squighob Boyz to run around with the Beastboss.

Benjamin Jurek 3Finally, Heavy Supports round out the list with a Battlewagon for transportation and two Kill Rigs for some extra fire support on wheels!

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What do you think about this homebrew 40k army list from the Smite Club Open?

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