Snipers & Veterans: Atlan Forge September 3D STL Files

September Atlan Forge 8Get more great-themed alternative Space Marines and Chaos 3D STL files for miniatures from the Atlan Forge September Patreon!

Atlan Forge is hard at work cranking out amazing STL files for your 3D printers; here are the latest designs you can get by supporting them on Patreon. If you want to see all of their recent releases, check them out here.

Atlan Forge on Patreon

Atlan Forge Feature

Hi folks, my name is Thomas. I’m a creator of Sci-fi/Fantasy 3D printable miniatures for tabletop gaming. Being a lifelong fan of mythology and the history of ancient cultures, it’s great fun to incorporate those elements into the models I make. Here you will find wargaming and RPG proxies with familiar Greek, Nordic, Egyptian, and many other ancient flavors are woven into them. Also, there are Medieval and Gothic-influenced miniatures.

How does it work? 

Four new highly detailed and unique STL model packs are released throughout each month for you to download and enjoy. All files are PRE-SUPPORTED, just Plug&Print! On the discord channel, you can interact with each other and me to influence the look of the designs. Feel free to let me know what you think as I want all of us to get the most out of it. 

What do you get? 

Atlan Forge 3

By signing up for a month of Atlan Forge Patreon you will gain access to the current month’s printable miniatures. Sometimes it will be a set and sometimes a special character or a vehicle/monster. The models are modular and each with alternative parts for variety, so you can pick and choose the parts to kitbash your favorite game. As the Patreon grows, I will come up with additional content to include as rewards for the patrons.

Previous month’s models

The previous month’s models are downloadable individually from the Myminifactory store. There is a 20% discount code listed in posts for all the patrons who missed the previous month’s releases.

MyMiniFactory Tribes

Atlan Forge MMFIf you’d rather go support them on MMF, you can now! They just added the option to get the welcome pack and grab the files monthly. So either way, if you want to support, you can get amazing files! Now, check out everything in the welcome pack below:

Atlan Forge MMF 2A taste of all the current Space Knights lines on Atlan Forge (pre-supported):

  • Templar Crusader
  • Asgardian Ranger
  • Minoan Phalanx
  • Hades Assault Thanatoi
  • Angelic Knight
  • Aegyptian Amenti
  • Manus Mortis Digitorum
  • Wai Toa Kaiwawao

Atlan Forge September 3D STL Files:

September Atlan Forge


September Atlan Forge 2


September Atlan Forge 3


September Atlan Forge 4


September Atlan Forge 5


September Atlan Forge 6


September Atlan Forge 7


September Atlan Forge 8


September Atlan Forge 9These are just a few great-looking files you can get monthly for your Patreon support on Atlan Forge. Make sure you visit their Patreon and secure your files for the latest 3d STL files!

Click Here To Get Your Files From Atlan Forge!

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