Some Leagues of Votann Army Boxes Still Left (at a discount)


There are still some Leagues of Votann Army boxes left out there and some of them are still even cheaper than they were from GW!

We talked about how fast they sold out from GW, but it’s nice to see that the secondary market is actually cheaper than the original box. So if you couldn’t grab the box from GW, here are some alternatives where you can still actually buy yours!

Some Leagues of Votann Army Boxes Left (& some at a discount)

One thing to keep in mind is that at the time of writing this, there are still boxes left at a discount. However, we’re unsure how long they will keep the prices/stock. So if you see something you like, better not to wait!

Leagues of Votann Army Box: $170 on AmazonLeagues of Votann Army Set

Currently, the price on Amazon is about 13% off the initial price. This is pretty sweet, but as we said, we don’t know how long they will last, especially at this price. It is pretty awesome to see the secondary market selling them for cheaper. Click here to get yours!

Leagues of Votann Army Box: $170+ on eBay

Leagues of Votann boxes still leftIf you don’t want to buy from Amazon, eBay also still has a decent number of boxes left, and at the time of writing this, a bunch at a discount. You can see whoever grabbed these boxes has already sold a ton.

It looks like they might not last much longer with those numbers sold, so click here to grab yours before they are gone.

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Were you able to grab a Leagues of Votann Army box when they came out? Will you be picking one up from the secondary market? 

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