Squad Marks has Great Star Wars: Legion Markers!

Squad marks Star WarsWith the new Star Wars: Legion releases on the way, Squad Marks has tons of awesome accessories for the game- check it out!

Squad Marks make perfect accessories for almost any game out there. Their bases are the perfect way to demark your squads and get them ready for battle. They work especially well if you haven’t had a chance to paint your minis, as the squad Marks will denote your squads out.

They have everything from single bases for your minis to whole squad movement trays. Just a really easy and affordable way to make your games that much better! Let’s take a closer look.

25-28mm Squad Marks: $8

Squad marks Star Wars 2These work perfectly for denoting your squads and who has what upgrades. Especially for the price, it’s hard to find an easier-to-add accessory! Just to note, you can also buy them as singles if you don’t need a bunch. Here’s what they have to say about the markers.

Squad marks Star Wars 3

Squad markers for 25mm to 28mm diameter bases and self adjusts to any base size in between. All Squad Marks come in a matte black colored plastic and have the magnet pressed into the Squad Mark, but it is removable with small pick tool.

Squad marks Star Wars 4

Each pack includes:

    • 10 x Squad markers

    • 10 x 8mm x 1mm rare earth magnets

Fits the following popular game bases:

Warhammer: 25mm & 28mm

Infinity the Game: 25mm

SW Legion: 27mm

Adhesive Magnets for Star Wars: Legion Bases:

Squad marks Star Wars 5If you just want to make sure you can magnetize all your bases, then these are perfect! Especially for the price you really can’t go wrong. This just makes transporting your minis so much easier, while also keeping them safe.

You can get sizes all the way from 27mm to 150mm with a notch.

.5mm (.02″) thick adhesive magnets for Star Wars Legion-shaped bases.

Get your Star Wars: Legion Squad Marks Accessories Here!

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