Squats Leagues of Votann Army Before the Update!

army-showcaseWith the new faction hitting pre-order, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at this Castle Brush Squats Leagues of Votann army!

The artistic team at Castle Brush is pumping out some amazing-looking projects for the worldwide hobby community, and they really went all out on this one! We would have loved to have won this army from the conversions to the crisp paint jobs. Now, it’s fun to see how people made their own Squat armies back before GW took up the task. 

They really have some creative masterminds over there, and it’s hard to find an army more fun than this one. Obviously, this isn’t what the new Leagues of Votann are going to look like, but this really gets the creative juices flowing for your own possible army! 

Take a look at one of their latest works of art.

Squats Leagues of Votann Army From Castle Brush Before the Update!

Squats & Iron HandsThey went all-in on this army! So many incredibly painted minis. What an amazing raffle this would have been to win. If you love Castle Brush, check out what else they have going on here.

Squat Infantry

Infantry Sqaud Castle Brush


Castle Brush Squat ArmyThe infantry just looks so amazing! They packed tons of detail into small minis and achieved so much character in every piece.

Squat Special Weapons

Squat special Weapons Squad

Squat special Weapons Squad 2These squats brought plenty of firepower! Ah, the smell of plasma in the morning. Obviously, the new weapons are a little different, but you could always do counts as.

Squat Heavy Weapons



Squat Mortars


Squats InfantryBombard your enemies from a distance! Before your army gets into the fray, there’s no shame in thinning the lines with mortars, missiles, and las-cannons.

Squat Characters

Squat characters


Squat Medics“Medic!” Don’t let your soldiers go without the medical attention they deserve! These look so incredible; we’re just stunned at the detail they were able to get into such small minis.

That does it today for this awesome project. If you are looking for a studio that can handle anything from dioramas to full-scale armies, make sure you check out the creative team at Castle Brush today!

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