The Army Painter Speedpaint Wins Tabletop Gaming Award!

By Travis Pasch | September 23rd, 2022 | Categories: Army Painter, Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors

Army painter tabletop award 2The Army Painter Speedpaints have won the Tabletop Gaming “Outside the Box” Award, which is awesome! 

We covered how they were nominated a few weeks back, but now it’s official! While their major award may not be as cool as the leg lamp, this is pretty amazing to see. The award was for someone who really thought out of the box and made a change in the hobby.

Obviously, the Army Painter has been making some great innovations for years, and the company has always tried to make affordable and high-quality products for the gaming world.

The Army Painter Speedpaints Win Tabletop Gaming Award!

Army painter tabletop award

A little bit about the nomination:
  • Our highly regarded Speedpaint has been nominated for This year’s Tabletop Gaming Award in the category:
  • Outside the Box Award for Best Add-In Accessory 2022

Since they won, voting is closed, but Speedpaints are awesome, and if you need to paint an army at super-speed, you can’t beat them.

Army painter awardHere’s what they have to say about the win:

It’s official! We are the 2022 winners of the Tabletop Gaming “Outside the Box” Award. We knew Speedpaint was good, damn good in fact, and we’re proud to officially call it The Award Winning Speedpaint!

Thank you to all of our fans, customers, and loyal followers for voting.

Hard to beat some award-winning paints, especially when it’s from such a big thing from Tabletop Gaming! A huge congrats to them.  Now, in honor of them, go get some minis painted!

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Did you go and vote for them? Are you happy to see them win it?

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