Top 40k Army Lists At Wasteland Wars GT: Tyranids Feast

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-horTyranids devour the competition with a great 1st place finish at the Wasteland Wars GT from the weekend, as these Warhammer 40k army lists took the top!

The tournament is final, and now we can look at which lists managed to secure a place at the top! Check out what these winners brought into their armies.

Top Army Lists At Wasteland Wars GT: Tyranids Feast

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at the event as if we were all there ourselves. 

Wasteland Wars top 8

3rd Place: Michael Mckibben  – Eldar

eldar webway hor wal


Michael Mckibben 1


Michael Mckibben 2


2nd Place: Matthew Casey – Harlequins

harlequin eldar hor wal


Matthew Casey 1


Matthew Casey 2


Matthew Casey 3


1st Place: Isaac Zapata – Tyranids


Isaac Zapata 1

Isaac’s Tyranid list is made of two Patrols, with the first led by a Hive Tyrant for its general support and great statline/weapons on the front line, and a Neurothrope helps with psychic support.

Troops bring in 9 Warriors to help man the front lines and be versatile options that can fight in melee or shoot.

Elites bring in a Malceptor for a decent melee threat and 3 Zoanthropes for extra psychic support.

A single Harpy wraps up the list with a good flyer that can get in chip damage all throughout the game if left alive.

Isaac Zapata 2

The second detachment is another patrol led by another Hive tyrant!

Troops bring in 10 Gargoyles for some small ranged damage potential and 20 Hormagaunts for more bodies, and a slight melee combat presence if needed.

Elites have 3 Tyrant Guards for some decent melee units and 3 Vemonthropes for mortal wound output.  Finally, there is another harpy for some aerial presence and chip damage from the range!

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What do you think about all three top 40k army lists from the Wasteland Wars?

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