Type Romanus New Primaris Alternative Torsos & Legs!

Romanus Torsos featureUpgrade your Marines, check out all the new Type Romanus Primaris Alternative bits for torsos and legs from Liber Daemonica!

They have all kinds of really cool Marine/Chaos Marine heads and bits on the site and tons of other stuff. All the heads, shoulder pads, backpacks, and weapons make super easy conversions that make your minis look amazing. If you don’t feel like painting or converting anything, they do some really awesome commission work covering everything from conversions to paint jobs.

This time around, we’re going to be taking a look at a bunch of new bodies made especially for a certain chapter that you’ll be able to guess and give your army an awesome Roman feel.

Also, with their recent move to Estonia, they have cleared up all the potential shipping issues.

Type Romanus Primaris Alternative Torsos: 8,95 €

Romanus TorsosJust like with their other torsos, these are so much cooler looking than the original ones the minis come with. If you want a fast upgrade, these are perfect. If you’re obsessed with conversions, check out what else is happening! Here are the specs on these: 

A unique set of torsos. The set contains 5 items shown in the picture. Suitable for old and new Marines models.

Type Romanus Primaris Alternative Legs: 9,95 €

Romanus Torsos 2The look of these is just so amazing! It would really make an army stand out on the tabletop and on the shelf with barely any conversion work. When writing this, these are on pre-order but are shipping out soon, so you might as well just grab yours now! No need to wait and miss out.

Get Your Primaris Romanus Torsos & Legs Here!

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