Magic: The Gathering $1000 Packs Sold Out (or did they…)

magic-30th sold out packsPeople are up in arms about the new Magic: The Gathering $1000 30th Anniversary box set of four packs, but they still seem to have sold out.

A lot has been going on with the Magic the Gathering community recently, with the expensive packs, the BoA downgrade, and more. So, at least listening to the community, it did not seem like these $1000 packs would sell out fast, if at all. However, that does not seem to be the case.

Already on the secondary market, the packs are going for insane amounts of cash. As we said, though, there are plenty of rumors and theories floating around about a sellout not being the case…

So let’s first look at some of the 30th Anniversary Magic packs on the secondary market, then get into the issues with the packs becoming sold out so quickly.

Magic: The Gathering 30th Anniversary $1000 Box  of 4 Packs Sold Out

Magic the gathering sold outRight now on eBay, these are going for at least double the original price, and some even way more than that! One seller had a buy-it-now price of $8,000… but we’ll leave that be.

In the USA, it seems to have taken about an hour to sell out, which again, with the community reaction, seems almost impossible.

Magic the gathering sold out 3However, one thing that could very easily be happening; is scalpers who don’t know the market that well (or know people will want individual cards in the future) just saw something limited and went and bought up all the stock.

Magic the gathering sold out 2If you want to see all the packs for sale, you can check them out on eBay here. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the issues surrounding the release.

Did the 30th Anniversary Magic Box Sets REALLY Sell Out?

This info comes from Alpha Investments, as they are much deeper into the community than us. We’ll also have the video for you below. However, these are all rumors currently, and nothing is confirmed.

Here are the reported issues when the packs were up for sale on Cyber Monday, November 28th, 2022.

  • The queue told most people one minute to buy; then turned into hours.
  • There were no flutter outages like other releases that sold out this fast. This could be the improved infrastructure, or it could mean there weren’t as many people on the site.
  • Other countries only got about 600 packs for an entire country
  • Other markets sold out of stock at the exact same time. They either happened to sell out at precisely the same time, or something else was happening.
  • Stores themselves were promised packs (three per premium and one for normal WPN stores), but none have received them yet.
  • There is speculation they pulled the product down because it wasn’t selling, and they had to keep the scarcity (this is total speculation as of right now, and we’ll never know unless someone from the inside leaks the info).
  • Scalpers could play a huge role, or people looking for a single card to sell later.

As we said, these are all rumors, but many people believe there had to be some intervention. We’ll probably never actually know, and that’s all we, as consumers, can say.

What do you think about the 30th Annivesary Magic Card box of 4 packs and how fast they sold out?  

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